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"The Woman Who Planted Trees"
Dr. Wangari Maathai passes from the earth 

On the evening of Sunday, September 25, 2011, Wangari Maathai passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was 71 years old.


Wangari Maathai was a Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2004, and was founder of the Green Belt Movement. In her work to mobilize women to plant 30 million trees (and since then, millions more), Wangari "combined science, social commitment and active politics. More than simply protecting the existing environment, her strategy was to secure and strengthen the very basis for ecologically sustainable development by planting trees."   

On Sunday, April 30, 2006, Canopy welcomed her visit to our community. In the afternoon, Wangari launched the East Palo Alto Tree Initiative at a ceremonial tree planting (see above video).  "Wangari's visit to East Palo Alto will never be forgotten, said Executive Director Catherine Martineau,  "She will always inspire us, and her work lives on with us today." After her ceremonial planting, Wangari spoke to a large audience in Palo Alto about the importance of planting trees.
Our project was successful because of Wangari and her inspiring call to action. Canopy's goal was to plant 1,000 trees by 2010.  The project was completed in 2008 with the planting of 1,200 trees (98% survive today, and some of the seedlings are now 25 feet tall!).  Patricia Foster, Former Mayor of East Palo Alto said when the project was completed "...our sincere appreciation to all of you for bringing Wangari Maathai, and for planting has made a lasting impact on our community."

See photos from Wangari's visit

Read NY Times Article about Wangari's life


A ceremonial planting will be arranged with more information at our website:

Ancient Native Oak -- Saved
Oak pruned for stabilization, not removal
Cowper Oak
(Photo by Veronica Weber, PA Weekly Staff)

This venerable old Oak on Cowper Street (nicknamed "George") no longer needs immediate removal-- for now -- but instead will be pruned for stabilization, possibly to include cabling and supports.

Executive Director Catherine Martineau, said the tree is a remnant of the original Palo Alto. "This area was once an oak-studded savannah. These are the real trees of this area. The city has a particular connection to these types of trees, and we are glad the city is taking the time to help residents understand the tree's condition and complexity." 

Arborists plan to remove three to four tons of limbs to help redistribute weight that is threatening to topple the tree, Public Works Director Michael Sartor said.
More information at the PA Weekly website, here
October Exhibition of Urban Forest Art
Receptions 10/7 & 10/27 - Pacific Art League

Canopy invites you to see a national, juried art installation on the urban forest. The Pacific Art League is presenting a nationwide, juried exhibition titled, "Urban Forest," scheduled for the Main Gallery in October.

October 1-30, 2011  

Pacific Art League, 668 Ramona St   

Photo by Dorothy Gantenbien,
"Water" Albumen Gum Pigment print

Pacific Art League's "First Friday" reception: 10/7/2011
On the first Friday of every new exhibit, the Pacific Art League hosts a free reception from 5:30 to 8:00 PM with local artists, educators and community leaders.  Come see the gallery and a learn more about the significance of this exhibition, and our Urban Forest.


Canopy Donor Appreciation Reception

Canopy's valuable partners and supporters are invited to a private reception.  Join our Board of Directors for libations, hors-d'oeuvres, and conversation. To learn more about the date and time of this special event, or to RSVP, please contact Elliott Wright by October 25, 2011 at [email protected] or 650-964-6110 x4.        

Urban Forestry Council Honors Canopy
Award for Leading Education Programs
CAUFC Award On September 17, 2011, Canopy was honored to receive an award for outstanding educational programs from the California Urban Forestry Council. 

Canopy was nominated to receive the award by James Scheid, CalFire's Regional Urban Forester in our area, who wrote: "
Canopy has been at the forefront for urban forestry education in recent years.  In 2010 they proved their excellence by reaching 3,000 through their education programs ('Viva La Urban Forest' & Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! in schools), engaging volunteers in caring for 2,000 of trees, delivering 31 workshops to school children in classrooms & after-school programs and by engaging volunteers to lend 800 hours of service to plant 100 new trees.  They also work collaboratively with the City of Palo Alto to ensure the City's Urban Tree Inventory and Urban Forest Management Plan receive publicity and feedback from the community via their website and surveys.  They have worked to strengthen similar urban forestry efforts in neighboring East Palo Alto and can also be commended for their creation and online publication of a search-able tree library, consisting of nearly 400 species, including suitable species for the city. We honor Canopy for incredible leadership in urban forestry education!"
CAUFC Awards Reception at Mitchell Park Bowl
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Wangari Maathai
Cowper Oak Saved
Special Receptions
Canopy Receives Award
Upcoming Tree Walks
Welcome Estefani!
Planting Leader Training
EPAPA Planting
Barron Park Planting

Tree Walks - Coming to a 

neighborhood near you! 

Please join us for our FREE Arborist-led Tree Walks.  We gather every month on the second Saturday from 10AM to noon.  


October 8th - Southgate 

Nov. 12th - Downtown North 

Dec. 10th - Greenmeadow 

Jan. 2012 - Gamble Garden 


Click the above links to see the self-guided Tree Walks or request a brochure: [email protected] or call 650-964-6110 x2.    


Welcome Estefani! 

Canopy's New Staffer      

Canopy is pleased to welcome staff member Estefani Morales to our team.  Like Phung Nguyen in 2010, Estefani is part of an innovative program called Public Allies  that places talented young leaders with nonprofits for 10-month service positions. She will be working with Michael as Program Assistant.   

Estefani is a graduate of San Francisco State University where she studied International Relations. She even took her studies abroad to Florence, Italy.  She has a passion for community service, and has worked for three years as a Teachers Assistant with the Early Childhood Education Center in San Francisco. She is excited to work with Canopy, and looks forward to meeting you at upcoming events!  


Come say hi to Estefani this weekend at the Gamble Garden Day on October 2, 2011 (more details).     


Planting Leader Training

October 8th - 9 to 11AM 


Trees planted by Canopy have an exceptional rate of establishment and survival as a result of our rigorous planting protocols.  Come learn our technique and share your planting insights. 


9:00 to 11:00 AM


This training will double as the preparation for a large planting event one-week later at the same site: October 15, 2011, at EPAPA school (see below).   


 **Click Here to Register**  


Reforest a new School! 

October 15th - 9 to 1 PM  


As part of Canopy's Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! and Neighborhoods Month, we are planting 91 trees at a brand new campus.   


8:00 AM: Leaders Prep 

9:00 AM: Volunteers Join 

1:00 PM: Thank you!    


We need your help to plant trees on October 15th.  The shade trees we plant will  grow at the school will for decades into the  future!


 **Click Here to Register** 


Barron Park Planting!  

October 29th - 9 to Noon      


We need volunteers to   

help us plant 15 trees! Canopy and the Barron Park Neighborhood Green Team are working with residents to line the streets with new trees. The resulting healthy, green canopy will benefit our air,
and our quality of life. 


**Click Here to Register**


Quotable Community 

Thanks for your comments!   

"Canopy's selection, quality and care of trees is a major factor in determining the success of our community. New trees shade sidewalks, streets and parking lots, provide composition and camouflage for the hard-scape, reduce the heating and cooling costs. Trees are also critical to air and water cycles. If properly maintained, they are beautiful. Thank you,
Canopy, for your vital work
in our community."

- Resident of
Downtown Palo Alto


Seeking Office Support  

Flexible Volunteer Jobs


Canopy is looking for a few friendly folks to help around the office with little tasks and errand.  Volunteers work closely with staff in a fun and dynamic office, or from home if preferred.  


Volunteer opportunities can be found on our website. Please contact Elliott Wright if you would like to learn more.   


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Trees are the lungs of our cities.  Caring for urban forests and teaching about their value lie at the heart of Canopy's programs. Canopy is a nonprofit that plants and protect trees to improve communities in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto.
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