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Tree Inspired Art in Palo Alto
September and October Events  




In honor of Canopy's 15th Anniversary, we are thrilled to announce three FREE upcoming art installations about trees and the urban forest.


"Give me Shelter"

September 2 - 30, 2011  

City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave 

Visit City Hall to see a selection of tree inspired paintings by local artists including: Marguerite Fletcher, Ann McMillan (shown above), Kathryn Dunlevie, and photos of Patrick Dougherty's site specific installations. Special thanks to Elise Demarzo with the City of Palo Alto, Division of Arts & Sciences for coordinating this exhibition.    


"Tuning In To Trees"  

September 2 - 30, 2011  

University Art, 267 Hamilton Ave

Students in Judy Gittelsohn's  Art for Well-Beings program with the Palo Alto Art Center created twenty tree inspired paintings that will be shown across the street from City Hall in the windows of University Art.


"Urban Forest"

October 1-30, 2011  

Pacific Art League, 668 Ramona St   

The Pacific Art League is presenting a nationwide, juried exhibition titled, "Urban Forest," scheduled for their Main Gallery during the month of October.

Save the Date for the evening of October 7th
Please join us at the Pacific Art League for a FREE reception on October 7th from 5:30 - 8:00 (remarks at 6:45) with local artists, educators and community leaders.  Come see the gallery and a learn more about the significance of this exhibition, and our Urban Forest.  More details coming soon.    

Statewide Urban Forestry Conference
September 15-17, Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto  


Did you miss seeing Dr. Matt Ritter last week?  Want to learn more about including fruit trees in urban areas? Curious about urban forestry?  


Join municipal arborists, urban forest managers,  landscape design professionals, planners, and nonprofits from across California for a unique  educational and networking experience in Palo Alto.  


With a focus on utilizing urban forestry to revitalize California's communities, participants will leave the conference with tools to improve the areas where the majority of Californian's live, work and play. We'll discuss: community revitalization, nontraditional funding sources, best management practices, species selection, tree pruning and much more!  


Click here to register for the conference     

What would you do? Case Study Quiz
Conserving Water AND Saving Trees


The following Case Studies depict situations you may  encounter and provide possible solutions. Please check the website for some interesting information and answers!  

Case Study #1 - Removing a lawn lined with street trees 

Jennifer's Project

Jennifer has decided to reduce the watering in her front yard and will be replacing her lawn with a low-water use ground cover.  Two Southern Magnolias (Magnolia grandiflora) street trees will be affected by this change. They are along the street; half of the tree canopy is over her yard, and half over the street. Jennifer wants to keep her spray irrigation system, but is not sure how often or when to run it. She knows her responsibility for the trees, and wants to retain the value of her property.

Solution A: Keep irrigation system, but water less often. 
Solution B: Install drip irrigation    

Learn more about all of the options. 


Case Study #2 - Two tree species at the back of the lot
David's Project
David has three 40 year-old Monterey Pines (Pinus radiata) at the back of his lot which have never been on an irrigation system. Everyone tells him the trees add character to the neighborhood. His wife planted two small Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) underneath them 5 years ago, as it is one of the only places on his property that has some shade. The maples have never looked good, and someone told him his Pines probably have beetles. He does not want to lose any of the trees. He tried to dig in the soil and it was hard as a rock.  

Solution A: Install a drip line to the pines for deeper watering, mulch and consider transplanting
Solution B: Consult Canopy's Arborist List to select a local certified arborist to check on the health of your trees.  

Learn more about all of the options. 


Case Study #3 - Native Oak
Maria's Project
Maria has a very old Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) in the corner of her small lot. It shades the house keeping it cooler in the summer. There is ivy underneath the tree, and spray heads water the area twice a week. She think this might be an area she can reduce water usage, but is not sure how to proceed.

Solution A: Visit Canopy's Watering Chart to learn why Coast Live Oaks should not receive supplemental water in the summer.

Solution B: Consider planting a native or other xeriscape garden around your tree which would require less water. 

Learn more about all of the options. 


Thank you!   Call 650.964.6110 or email to reach a certified arborist at the Canopy Tree Hotline.  

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Tree Inspired Art
Urban Forestry Conf.
Smart Watering Series
Upcoming Tree Walks
Arboriculture Boot Camp
Young Tree Care Survey

Upcoming Tree Walks        

Please join us at our upcoming Arborist-led Tree Walks.  We gather every month on the second Saturday from 10AM to Noon. Click here to sign up.    


Sept. 10th - University South 

October 8th - Southgate 

Nov. 12th - Downtown North 

Dec. 10th - Greenmeadow 

Jan. 2012 - Gamble Garden 


Click the above links to see the self-guided Tree Walks or request a brochure: or call 650-964-6110 x2.    


Arboriculture Boot Camp  

with Arborist Ellyn Shea      


Want to learn more about trees?  Thinking about taking the Arborist Certification Exam? Arboriculture Boot Camp is both a prep course for the ISA Certified Arborist Exam, and a place to learn the latest information for anyone in urban forestry.  Get motivated, get thinking, and meet other dedicated professionals!   


For more about the curriculum, registration, and guest speakers: 


2011 Young Tree Care Survey

Thank you!         


Thank you to our volunteers the joining our annual Young Tree Care Survey! Now with all the routes complete, we are actively compiling the results.   


Let us know if you would like to help tabulate the results in our office.  We would love your help to input the survey findings. 


We also surveyed the health of the 50 trees Canopy planted on California Avenue.  In summary, 58% of the trees received the high rating of 3, and 38% received a moderate 2, and only 2 trees had a rating of 1. Some are showing some exciting new growth! 


Michael Hawkins

Program Director  

650-964-6110 x1 


Thank You Dr. Matt Ritter

for an exceptional Tree Tour!      

Ritter Canopy

Canopy was delighted to have 65 guests attend a well received talk and tour with Dr. Matt Ritter at Gamble Garden (photos). Matt is a Cal Poly botany professor and published author. Matt came to Palo Alto to talk about local trees and feature his new book, A Californian's Guide to the Trees Among Us.


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Trees are the lungs of our cities.  Caring for urban forests and teaching about their value lie at the heart of Canopy's programs. Canopy is a nonprofit that plants and protect trees to improve communities in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto.
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