Young Tree Cut-down by Bike Thief
Insufficient bike parking puts our trees at risk.
Thief cut-down this Tree to steal bicycle at Palo Alto Weekly
bike thief cuts tree - 2

Palo Alto Weekly staff members came to work on Thursday last week to discover that a beautiful young tree had been destroyed in front of their office.

The tree  -- a Chinese Pistache -- was cut-down by a thief interested in a bicycle that was locked to the tree. The bike was owned by an intern at the Palo Alto Weekly offices.  An article was published and the bike is remains missing. 

The link between Bikes & Trees
The negative practice of locking bikes to trees is common on Palo Alto streets such as California and University Avenue. 

Locking bikes directly to trees and/or tree-stakes causes direct harm to trees. Young trees have a very thin layer of bark protection over their vascular living tissue. Cuts and bruises can seriously interrupt transport of water and nutrients and expose the tree to infection by pests and diseases.
Bike locked to a young tree on California Avenue
bike on tree

Canopy encourages the use of bicycles as a form of sustainable, efficient, and healthy transportation, but we want cyclists to use their best judgment when they secure their bicycles with chains, locks, and bars.  These implements are very damaging on the young bark of trees, and have a  tendency to injure or even kill young trees.

Plans for new bike racks ongoing
As more and more people discover the benefits of cycling, available bike parking become scarce -- and trees are paying the price.

In 2003, the City of Palo Alto finalized a Bike Transportation Master Plan with a report on existing and future bike parking. As a result of this report, and in concert with other long-term plans, The City is working to renew the bike parking on California Avenue.

Design inspiration happens to be just down the street.  Architect Joseph Bellomo and Palo Alto Bicycles Owner Jeff Seltzer partnered to create a demonstration that can be seen at 116 University Ave.  Their company - Bike Arc - has produced modular bike park systems specifically to protect trees, provide pedestrians with sidewalk access, and accommodate cyclists with easy parking. 
"Bike Arc" on University Ave
Bike Arc

Canopy encourages plentiful bike parking, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and ample tree protection in the redesign of bike parking on California Avenue. Canopy also recognizes the need for simple and cost-effective bike locks, but strongly recommends that we not forget to protect the livelihood of our trees.

In the meantime, police are still seeking leads on the bicycle thief who cut-down the tree. 
Program Update: Young Tree Care Survey
Thank you volunteers for supporting our Young Trees!
Survey Volunteers
2010 YTCS
We want to thank the many volunteers who gave or pledged 270 hours toward Canopy's 2010 Young Tree Care Survey.

We still have 20 routes to be surveyed. If you would like to survey the trees in your neighborhood, please email Michael Hawkins or call him at (650) 964-6110 x2.

We will set you up with a specific route, all of the necessary equipment, and training. 

Canopy needs your help with these surveys because the first five years are critical for the long-term health of any tree. Young trees need care, appropriate watering, and periodic check-ups to see that they grow healthy and without disease. 
Program Director Michael Hawkins leads training
Michael with Tree

How can you tell if your tree is getting the right amount of water? Examine the leaves on your tree.  Are they wilting, yellowing, curling or browning at the edges? One great strategy to keep your tree well-watered is to use mulch. Cover the soil with a 3-4 inches of mulch extending 2-5 feet from the tree, without piling on the base of the tree. Placing mulch around trees protects young roots and suppresses weeds. We recommend checking soil moisture at least once a week. The goal is to deeply water the roots with a slow trickle of water over several hours.
It is also important to protect trees from lawn equipment like weed whackers and mowers. Cuts in the bark interrupt transport of water and nutrients and expose the tree to infection by pests and diseases. It is also vital to avoid chemical pesticides and herbicides that can burn or damage a young tree's roots and leaves.

Learn more about young tree care tips online.  You can also learn more about different tree species and their growing requirements in Canopy's Tree Library.
Celebrating & Welcoming Leaders at Canopy
Welcoming new Board Members and new roles.
As Canopy honors the contributions of departing Board Members Susan Rosenberg, Faye Brown, and Brooks Nelson, we also welcome two new Board Members: Jefferey Snyder and Elizabeth Schwerer. Susan Ellis follows in the role of Susan Rosenberg as Board Chair. Marty Deggeller has accepted the role as Vice-President of the Board. Carole Langston is the new Program Committee Chair 
In This Issue
Bike Thief Kills Tree
Young Tree Care Survey
Welcoming Canopy Leaders
Crescent Park Tree Walk
Honoring Susan Rosenberg
Save trees; donate your "Clunker"
Next Tree Walk: Aug 14
Arborists: Walt Fuji and Ted Kipping
Canopy's free Tree Walks provide informative, guided tours of the trees in our neighborhoods. 

Date: Saturday, August 14
Time: 10am to Noon
Location: Crescent Park (Map)
Click here to sign-up.

Come treat yourself to some fresh air, a healthy walk and a new perspective.  Visit the Crescent Park Tree Walk for more details or call 650-964-6110 x2.

Mark Your Calendar
Save the date for our upcoming Tree Walks, monthly on the second Saturday from 10 AM-12 PM. Rain or shine. Free.

August 14: Crescent Park
September 11: College Terrace
October 9: Southgate
November 13: Barron Park
December 11: South of Forest

Reservations welcomed for arborist-led Tree Walks.  Click here to sign-up. Check out our map and index of Tree Walks

Thank you, Susan!
Canopy extends special thanks to Susan Rosenberg, Co-Founder and outgoing Chair, who is taking a well-earned break this July after many years of dedicated leadership. 

Susan with State Resolution
Susan Rosenberg with Resolution
Susan Rosenberg was recently honored by State Senator Joe Simitian for her "bold-initiative and results-oriented vision" to lead Canopy's efforts in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto. 

Thank you, Susan, for creating, sustaining, and leading Canopy all of these years!  Your efforts have seeded hope for our community's urban forest, and a legacy for everyone to admire.

Old Cars = New Trees!
Donate a vehicle for tax-deduction
Thinking about selling your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle? Support your local trees and donate it to Canopy instead! Canopy is a nonprofit public charity meeting the requirements of IRS 501(c)(3).

We will handle all of the title details, towing, and processing. To get started, call 877-676-TREE (877-676-8733). Thanks for your support!

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