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Thanks for helping on Cal. Ave.!
If you're not one already, consider becoming a Canopy member.

Canopy California Ave. planting

We're proud to count you as a participant in our active urban forest community. If you're not one already, take the next step and become a Canopy Donor.

We believe trees are a critical element of a livable, sustainable urban environment. We work to engage the community and to grow local urban forests. Our goal is to keep Palo Alto and East Palo Alto's streets TREE LINED. Besides, trees are one of the most practical and beautiful solutions to global warming.

We have a variety of activities and resources that might interest you:

Warm Wishes,
The Canopy Team

Staff: Catherine, Sharon and Anwyn 
Board: Susan R., Susan E., James, Roy, Matthew, Faye, Urban, Marty, Carol, Dave and Brooks.
Learn more about our Board and staff.

Read Canopy's 2009 Annual Report.