May 2009 V.I.P. Newsletter - Dark Lover
Book Three
The Rose Trilogy

On Sale July 28/09
ISBN: 978-0373773701

Sneak Peak

A broken man...
A woman with enough Destiny for them both

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Her Seduction
His Salvation

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A Perfect 10
 "Brenda Joyce has created a tale that is full to overflowing with emotion. Passionate, heartbreaking, hopeful, and entertaining, DARK EMBRACE is a novel you do not want to miss. I recommend it highly." - Romance Reviews Today

Book Two

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ISBN: 978-0373773466

He didn't choose his destiny... Destiny chose him.

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4 1/2 Stars
"Joyce's skillful handling of the many facets of time travel, supported by her ability to create gripping scenes fraught with emotional intensity, are brought to the fore in this fascinating and complex continuation of the Masters of Time series. Her vivid descriptions sweep you into the pages of her compelling story and keep you enthralled. Not to be missed! " - Romantic Times Bookreviews


Dear Reader,

I know it's been a while since you have heard from me, but I have been enjoying a long-overdue creative break since February, when I finished Stephen Mowbray's story, now officially entitled An Impossible Attraction. I have been showing my horses and going out with friends, even shopping a little, and in general being very delinquent. I am only just starting to feel guilty about such a prolonged break from work. You do know that this June marks 21 years for me as a published author! My agent kindly reminded me that very few authors remain published at such a point in time. As tired as I am of promotion, marketing and publishing, I love writing, and intend to do so till I die.

 I am about to take off to show in Sacramento, where my two best friends of 25 years live, and then I am off to another show at Del Mar, which is right on the ocean! Then my son and I are off to NYC, to visit friends and family. And I will be hard at work in July on Dark Resurrection, which continues the masters of Time with the story of a man lost in time, whom the gods will not let die, no matter how much he wants to! Alex spends centuries enslaved as a gladiator before he finally takes his vows, and when he is reunited with his old flame, Jan Bentley, she cannot recognize him..... I think the Masters fans will love this one, but keep in mind that Dark Lover goes on sale in late July. It is Ian and Sam's story, and my best Masters of Time to date-and one of my best novels, ever.

For all of you de Warenne fans, Stephen's story will be out next March.  In An Impossible Attraction, Stephen has become the most powerful peer in the realm-he is the eighth duke of Clarewood-notorious for his heartlessness, and renowned for his philanthropy. The fact that he is biologically a de Warenne remains a family secret. He has yet to truly get over his past, and he lives alone in "splendid isolation"-or so his best friend and cousin, Alexi accuses. But his soul mate is as impoverished and ruined as he is rich and powerful, and she has chosen the path of self-sacrifice. Alexandra Bolton, now a spinster of twenty-six, has never regretted the choice she made nine years earlier at her mother's deathbed, to give up true love and marriage so she could care for her sisters and father. Until Stephen crosses her path and awakens old hopes and wild dreams-and an impossible attraction.....

Attached are some photos from our February show-in the group shot, that is my filly "Cookie" who is reserve champion, and I am the barn rat holding the German Shepherd! The other shot is me and Sean-we were 3rd (again).

All the best,



Dark Lover
Book Three - The Rose Trilogy
On Sale July 28th, 2009

A broken man... A woman with enough Destiny for them both.

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