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I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday season and is weathering our current hard times. I spent the holiday in my new Scottsdale home where I had my first party, and I am pleased to report that everyone had a good time. (I was worried!) One of my horses also had an adventure. Sean is the horse that I won Canada on.  I had brought him home for a two month vacation, which he'd earned. On a Saturday night at 6 pm, while I was getting ready for a date, he got out and vanished. We instantly found his hoof prints (it was dark) and saw he'd gotten entangled in barbwire! Worse, his trail ended at a paved road, and while he is white, he had dark blue blankets on. My champion, beloved horse was lost, while hurt and bleeding, and I was terrified he'd get hit by a car! To make a long story short, my date insisted he cook for me, and I decided that was better than worrying all night until we could continue the searching at daylight. But I had called the police and at 10 pm, I got the greatest call: someone had found my terrified, hurt horse on the side of the road, and had taken him home! As it turned out, all those bloody cuts were superficial, and yesterday he went back into training. Hopefully he will think twice about taking off the next time someone leaves a gate open!

As for writing news: I am currently finishing up Stephen Mowbray's story, which I have been enjoying. It is a story of sacrifice, scandal and tragedy, followed, of course, by triumph. It is scheduled to be published in March of 2010. I am now awaiting the final cut of the Dark Victory book video, which we have been promised by the end of the month. The stills look great, and we have included them with this newsletter. We have also put up Chapter One on the website. In case you have forgotten, DV goes on sale Feb 28. I am very excited to see what you all think about Macleod's and Tabby's somewhat wild and very tempestuous story.

That's it for now. Here's to hoping 2009 winds up way better than it has begun, for everyone.

Happy Reading,

Behind The Scenes - Dark Victory
Watch a slide show of stills we compiled from The Dark Victory video shoot in North Carolina.

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Early Reviews
The reviews are starting to come in for Dark Victory.  Here are a couple below.

"OOOOH, time traveling hunky magical tortured highlanders... scrumptious!  "Dark Victory" is Brenda Joyce's latest in her Rose Trilogy in the 'Masters of Time' series about strong uber-Alpha males granted extraordinary capabilities by the gods in order to protect the innocent. 

Brenda Joyce's rendering of the stark contrast between the now and earlier times was masterful.  Tabitha's change in outward demeanor when in the past was an especially nice touch, as women's rights...weren't even a consideration then.  The pacing, even when jarred by time changes, was exactly as needed for this story and increased the tension of the plot.  I enjoyed the author's other books in this series, but this one is by far my favorite.  It's a bit grittier and the romance a bit darker than the previous books, but the Black Macleod demands nothing less.  "Dark Victory" is just as its title declares...a bit dark, but still a victory for love."
Julie - www.queuemyreview.com

"DARK VICTORY is the latest The Rose Trilogy novel filled with action and excitement.  Tabby starts out as a shy, demure woman who grows into a woman who will do whatever it takes to save the man she loves.  Although she doesn't always agree with his tactics, she knows that he has a good heart if only he would let go of the bitterness of the past but that is easier said than done.  Macleod is a man hardened by war and revenge.  He can't give up his hatred that easily even for Tabby.  Yet it takes a cataclysmic event for him to really examine who he is and what it means to be not only a man but a Master.  I think in the end, both of them grew and matured in ways they never could have imagined.  I continue to enjoy all of the characters and there are already hints of potential matches that are sure to be like oil and fire.  DARK VICTORY is another great addition to the Rose series and I look forward to Sam's book."

Anne - Romance Junkies
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