Dark Embrace
Brenda Joyce V.I.P Lounge  October 2008

I find it impossible to write a VIP note when we are in the midst of such heated and difficult times but I am told I must do so. I know that none of you out there want to hear my opinions, political or otherwise, and I have many opinions! It seems silly, frivolous and self-centered to talk about my books or my life right now! Please let me say this-we are in hard times. We are in the midst of the most heated election of our times. This country is divided as never before. The economy is currently in crisis as never before in our lifetimes. So my prayers are with all of you who may not have as much as I do.  I believe we will get through this economic downturn. (I refuse to use extreme words. It is not helpful.) I believe we will get through the next four years as well. I believe in this great country and the incredible spirit of our people. I believe we can fix the wrongs in this country, both in the economy and in Washington-relying on the many things that are right-and fix any wrongs that will arise in the next four years. But it will be tough going. Whoever wins the presidency is in for a very hard time. Obviously, I am trying not to give away my party affiliation and be as nonpartisan as possible. And that is not in my passionate nature.

If you are at all interested, I have just finished the last book of the Rose trilogy, Dark Lover, which is probably one of my best books, ever. I am enamored of Sam Rose, an amazing heroine, and Ian Maclean, the darkest, longest suffering hero I have ever done. I had a great time writing their story, and actually look forward to revisions!

I am about to embark on Stephen Mowbray's story, possibly called The Arrangement. He is the ultimate outsider-impossibly wealthy and powerful, every possible door is open to him, always. Yet due to his bleak childhood and the fact that he can never admit he is a de Warenne, he is probably the loneliest hero I have ever written.  Alexandra Bolton has given up everything for her family-and she is also the ultimate outsider. With the family name ruined due to her father's scandalous behavior and her own long ago love affair, and their current, extreme poverty, the Bolton are no longer acceptable.  Having given up true love to take care of her sisters and father, Alexandra is now twenty-six. She is shocked when her father brings forward a wealthy farmer as a suitor-and although ill at the prospect of such a marriage, once again she intends to sacrifice herself for her sisters. Until the Duke of Clarewood steps forward with a shocking proposition.

For you Deadly fans, as you probably know we have asked the publisher if they would consider publishing the last Deadly book. We have yet to hear back from them. It's been over a month.  If they are interested in publishing the story, even only as an e-book, I will find a time slot in my busy schedule in which to write it.  However, if they believe that publishing another Deadly is not in their best interest or mine, I will gracefully accept their decision. Now is not the time to publish anything that won't sell well. This is too risky a time. I intend to continue my career and succor it, if possible, not sabotage it.  Because mark my words, publishers are going to start dropping authors who don't sell like flies!

I hope all is well with everyone and as always, Happy Reading!


Production on our next book video has been pushed back to November 15, 08.  We are having casting issues with Tabby as one actress got all "puritanical" on us with the kissing scene and the other actress we cast had to go overseas for the remainder of the year. 

We hope to have Tabby cast within the week.  In the meantime take a look at the actor who is playing Guy MacLeod, Michael Muse.

Michael Muse

In other Dark Victory updates, I posted the back cover blurb on the website and in case you missed last month's issue of my V.I.P newsletter, the sneak peak is now online.
The Rose Trilogy
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Book #2
March 3, 2009

Dark Victory

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He didn't choose his destiny...Destiny chose him.

Book #3
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"Every Rose woman has a destiny"

A classic de Warenne novel is being reissued January 09

Vengeance ruled his days...and haunted his nights.

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