Dark Embrace
Brenda Joyce V.I.P Lounge  August 2008

It has been an exciting month!!! I recently returned from the Canadian National Championships, which took place in Regina, Saskatchewan. The first day was an elimination, (semifinals) and I got off to a bad start by getting a zero on Just Plain Fancy. (I was way too nervous.) But I got my next horse Hot Stuff safely into the finals, then had a run-off in the same class on my stallion, Sunny, for the last place. And we made it!

Sean (Hot Stuff) and I went on to win in the finals. Yep-we are the Canadian National Champion in Amateur Reining! He was awesome and I kept my head on straight! I do not have my pics back yet, but below is a picture of us from our big Scottsdale show last February. And I was third on Sunny-even though my stirrup fell off halfway through our pattern! What a thrill ride that was!


I also have to add that my trainer, Crystal McNutt, won the Open on Just Plain Fancy, so for the second year in a row he is the Canadian National Champion in the half Arabian Open Reining. He is truly an awesome Open horse. I get goose bumps when I watch Crystal show him.

I guess when it rains it pours. Dark Embrace went on sale a couple of days after I got home, and was instantly #14 on the New York Times Bestseller List. It dropped to #23 the following week, which isn't too shabby for an old-timer like myself.

As you know, DE is the first book in the Rose Trilogy of the Masters of Time, featuring not just the Masters but three remarkable Rose women. I finished Dark Victory (Tabby and Macleod) last spring, and am currently putting the finishing touches on Dark Lover (Ian and Sam). Whew! My head is spinning.  I will be working on a de Warenne historical this fall-Stephen Mowbray's story-but after I return from US Nationals with the three boys in late October.

It's a wild end of the summer.

I hope all is well with everyone and as always, Happy Reading!


The Future-June 19, 1550
Near Melvaig, Scotland

     HE DID NOT KNOW what caused him to awaken.

     Guy Macleod sat bolt upright in his bed, his wife's fury engulfing him.  Horror began.  Tabitha was rarely angry, but now her rage knew no bounds.  He went completely still so that his extraordinary senses could locate her.  She was supposed to be in Edinburgh, her sister's guest.  Immediately he knew she was not there-and that she was in great danger.

     He would die for her without blinking.  He never panicked, but now he fought to stay calm, searching for her.

     And that was when he felt the familiar evil.

     Black and vast, filled with hatred and malevolence, they'd lived with this evil for two hundred and fifty years.  Criosaidh had powerful black magic.  Tabitha had equally powerful white power.  But Criosaidh had been stalking his wife with growing determination, as if impatient, and with a new boldness recently.  Tabitha had scoffed at Guy's concerns.  Now, maybe too late, he knew he'd been right.

The Rose Trilogy
Book #1
On Sale Aug 26, 08
ISBN-10: 037377334X

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TOP PICK! 41/2 Stars Known for her intensity of emotion and superlative storytelling, Joyce draws you into a new Masters of Time novel that will blow you away with it's unforgettable alpha hero and a willful heroine - Joyce raises the bar. - Romantic Times Bookreviews

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Book #2
March 2009

Dark Victory

He didn't choose his destiny...Destiny chose him.

Book #3
September 2009

"Every Rose woman has a destiny"
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