Dark Embrace
Brenda Joyce V.I.P Lounge  August 2008

This is such an exciting month. I am on my way to Canada  for their National Championship Show. My mother is joining me. We had a blast last year, staying at an old beautiful Victorian Hotel. I was also Reserve Champion on Sean and my trainer was National Champion on Sterling, which added to the fun and excitement. (Lots of celebrating!) And the timing is perfect because I just finished the first draft of the third book in the Rose trilogy, I'll do the rewrite when I get back.

And when I get back, Dark Embrace goes on sale two days later!  (August 26.) I am excited to see what the readers think; RT gave it an amazing review, calling the hero unforgettable. So we shall see.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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From Chapter Two
Part 3

       HE FELT THE MOON SETTING for the third time.

      Aidan slowly came back to the tower room, a dark despair

clawing at him.  This hunt had lasted three days and he had not

found anything.

      He blinked and adjusted his eyes to the dark, shuttered room. 

As the swirling black evil and the cries of the innocence faded, he

became aware of his body and his power.  All sense of euphoric

invincibility was gone.  Most of what he had taken three nights ago

was gone.  The power in his body was hardly ordinary; it was that

of the son of one of the greatest deamhanain ever known to Alba.

He was arrogant enough to think he might, even without the extra

life coursing through him, be capable of defeating a lesser god.

      Still he was tired.   His body and his mind begged him for rest,

but it was time to think of other, worldly matters.  He commanded

an army of four thousand men - some soulless humans, others

fierce Highlanders.  He usually sold his army's services to the

highest bidders, and had done so for the past sixty-six years.  He

didn't care about the land, the mortal power-although he needed

the gold to maintain his army, but he took vast pleasure in every

single battle.  If he could not engage Moray, he would go to war and

relish destroying his other enemies, one by one.

      The MacDonalds were marching on Inverness, a royal garrison,

and he was joining the rebels, as Malcolm had said.  He had

personally helped Donald Dubh, their imprisoned leader, escape

from Innischonnail, were the Campbell had imprisoned him.  Argyll

had been infuriated.  Had Ian lived, he would have been pleased

and proud.

       A cry of alarm filled the tower.

      Aidan was on his feet, bewildered, unbelieving.

      He had met her once in the future, perhaps seventy years ago,

and had not thought of her since then.  Now he recalled a small

woman with white powers, dressed in shapeless garments and ugly


      Why had he just heard Brianna Rose cry out in alarm?  How had

he just seen her frightened face so clearly?  He had ceased hunting

evil through time.

      No other cries resounded, but he could feel darkness now,

encircling her.

     Tension riddled his body.  He did not protect Innocence; he used

it ruthlessly for his own means, for the attainment of  power.

      He did not want to know what was happening to her.  He simply

did not care about other people's problems.
      She screamed.

      It was a scream of fear and pain; he knew she'd been

     He did not think.  He leapt.

The Rose Trilogy
Book #1
On Sale Aug 26, 08
ISBN-10: 037377334X

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TOP PICK! 41/2 Stars Known for her intensity of emotion and superlative storytelling, Joyce draws you into a new Masters of Time novel that will blow you away with it's unforgettable alpha hero and a willful heroine who feels his pain across the centuries. While enabling the hero to redeem his honor and self respect - and at the same time restoring the communication and love between a father and son - Joyce raises the bar. - Romantic Times Bookreviews

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The Rose Trilogy continues...

Book #2
March 2009

Dark Victory

Driven by vengeance.
Ruled by desire.

Book #3
September 2009

Dark Lover

Cover & Title subject to change

"Every Rose woman has a destiny"
"Don't miss the enthralling DARK EMBRACE in Brenda Joyce's Masters Of Time™ series which offers readers all they could want in a paranormal romance: extraordinary lovers and their fiery passion for each other woven into a uniquely intricate plot."  Patricia Rouse
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