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What if all of your dreams could come true?

"What if" has been a major part of my life since I was a small child, playing with my imaginary friends and making up stories-- about dangerous and powerful heroes saving the girl and the day. It's been decades since I was three, and not much has changed-I am still telling stories, and the heroes remain dark, dangerous and powerful-and they always get the girl.

I've also been obsessed with history-and especially, medieval times! So imagine a secret brotherhood of Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence through the ages. They're medieval, they have extraordinary powers, and boy, are they arrogant and macho. And now imagine a strong and independent contemporary woman, coming face to face with that medieval warrior, and being swept back in time. Sparks fly. Feelings collide. Worlds and values clash. Passions erupt.

I can think of nothing better!

Welcome to the Masters of Time.


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From Chapter Two

        TABBY UNLOCKED THE DOOR FOR HER, giving her a

smile.  Isn't it great to be home?" she asked.

        Brie didn't smile back.  She stepped into her loft, wearing the

clothes Tabby had brought her-an oversized sweatshirt

embroidered with a blue-and-gold dragon and her comfy loose-fit

jeans.  She'd spent another full day at Five, under close

observation, and she was champing at the bit.  She had been taken

off all sedation and the anti-anxiety medication, so once again she

could think clearly.  Aidan was no longer being tortured, and he was

no longer crushed by stone.  She couldn't feel anything from him at


       God, was he even alive?

       She was adept at blocking out human emotion, for it was a

necessity in order to get through each and every day.  But she

hadn't been able to block his torment at all.  His emotions had

consumed her as no one's ever had before, even across centuries.

What, exactly, did the fact that she felt him so powerfully across

time mean?

       Everything was meant to be, and every Rose woman knew it.

       Brie shivered as Tabby's cell phone rang.  Brie shit and locked

the door, going to her workstation on the far side of the loft.  She

sat down at her PC, which remained in sleep mode.  He could not

be dead.

       Tabby came over.  "That was Sam.  She's talked to every

contact and snitch she knows.  It looks like you're right.  He's not


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