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I hope the summer is keeping everyone busy-and happy! My life is somewhat off kilter-I have been working like mad on Book Three of the Rose Trilogy, Dark Lover-Ian and Sam's story-hoping to get 200 pages done before my big move to my new home. I managed to do that, pack up two kids and two of the four dogs, (the other two are coming!), and we moved with the mover! You guys know how that goes-well add in the 9 week old puppy and my son having a skateboarding accident on day two-yep, right to the ER!  He's fine now, but he broke a few digits, needed stitches, and he was wearing a helmet! (Otherwise, grounded for life.) The stress level of caring for him-he was supposed to do all the moving and errands-was off the charts.  But he's well on the way to recovery now, the puppy is sleeping four and five hours at a time at night, and the house is almost done! Needless to say, I think my back is permanently done, too. But my new home is my dream home, hopefully for the rest of my life.

We are getting really excited about the release of Dark Embrace in late August and are releasing a sneak peak of Chapter Two the first of three for our VIP members.

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From Chapter Two

Castle Awe, Scotland - November 1502

               Sex no longer mattered to him.

         Like the best wine drunk far too often, it could not be

appreciated.  Pleasure escaped him now.
           But he moved harder, faster, into the woman, not seeking

release, even though a release was inevitable.  Instead, he used

her for his own ends, taking power, euphoric, until she lay

unmoving and silent beneath him.

            Aidan held himself over the woman, breathing hard.  He

experienced the powerful ecstasy of La Puissance thousands of

times, a climax that combined raging power with sexual release.

When he had first begun to hunt Moray after Ian's murder, he'd

taken power to assure himself of victory over the deamhan he was

now sworn to kill.  But Moray had vanished in time, fleeing him.

            And Aidan had needed more power to chase him.

            Power was addictive.  He lusted for it now.  Unfortunately,

the lust for power was terribly arousing.  Other wise he would not

even bother with the sexual act.

            Still consumed with a sense of invincibility, he moved away

from the woman.  He stood and leaned against the wall, arching

back, savagely relishing the power coursing through his muscles.  It

even throbbed in his bones.

            No one could defeat him now-not man, not beast, not

deamhan and not even a god.  Not even his demonic father.  His

father had returned to murder Ian, when a beheading would destroy

most deamhanain.  There were Masters who believed Moray

immortal.  Others said he had returned with otherworldly help.

Aidan had dared to demand answers upon Iona.  MacNeil had told

him Moray's return was written, but that no deamhan was

immortal, no matter how it might appear. Read Next Page
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