Brenda Joyce V.I.P Lounge  May 2008

brendaI am excited to welcome you to our new VIP Lounge. I have a very large email list, which I try to use as little as possible for fear of annoying my readers. I have toyed with the idea for a while of creating a separate list for those interested in more frequent communication, and hence our VIP Club was born.

Every month we will try to give you something of interest, and let you be the first to know what is new, or what is happening with my work and even my life-we decided to get a bit personal with the VIPs. This month you will be the first to preview our Dark Embrace video. I am really thrilled to share it with you. We have a new producer and this team is fabulous. The Dark Embrace trailer is by far the best we've done yet. The lead actors are spectacular, especially Patrick who plays Aidan, as you will see. The heroine looks like Katie Holmes!

The shoot was harrowing, however. I insisted that we have a wolf in at least one frame, being as Aidan can shape shift. Therefore the producers had to find a highly trained dog that could pass as a wolf, which they did. And don't forget, this isn't LA and we are all on a budget. (We went a bit over!) But during the shoot the cameraman had a heart attack-he's okay-and one of the producers had to take over. Afterwards I was called and told they were selling the business-they were exhausted and finished! Good news. I recently got another call and was asked if I wanted to do a trailer for Dark Victory. Yea! We are back in the saddle, so to speak.

Also, while Dark Embrace is a Masters of Time novel, it is the first book of the Rose Trilogy. Dark Victory is the second, and the third will be titled either Dark Lover or Dark Legacy. The heroines are all Rose women, that is, they have been fighting evil for generations with their gifts. And every Rose woman has a destiny.

On a more personal front, I have so much going on right now that it is a wild juggling act. It took me twice as long as usual to nail Dark Victory-the hero kept escaping me. I am about to start Ian and Sam's story and I am chomping at the bit. But I am about to close on a ten-acre horse ranch. Whew! As you know, getting ready to move is HUGE. But this is a dream come true-the house on the hill, and any of you who have read my westerns know exactly what I mean.  I want to retire my show horses eventually. The barn is a horse's version of the Four Seasons or the Ritz!

puppyAnd my bodyguard is a big German Shepherd dog named Razz (who is also my best friend.) He is about to get a sister, who is four weeks old right now and waiting to be shipped to me. A new deadline, new puppy, new home, all at once! When it rains it pours.

So that is what is going on right now!

Now please, sit back and enjoy the Dark Embrace trailer!

Best Wishes,


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