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Paradise Lawn & Landscape
Learn how SBDC advisor Paul Howard helped Evan Cordell-McNulty start his business, Paradise Lawn & Landscape
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COBRA, FSA, and National Health Care Reform Update
Presented by Ouida Peterson, Nationally recognized Cobra Specialist. Thursday November 10th at the West Texas Training Center, Hosted by San Angelo Association of Health Underwriters & Natl. Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Cost for lunch is $10. FMI or to RSVP please contact Julie Reese at (325) 655-5624 or by Friday Nov. 5th 

By Steve McKee | Bloomberg Businessweek
First, review the basics involved in building awareness. Then forge a plan, heed the hurdles involved in its execution, and don't expect immediate results. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this refrain, or a variation of it: "We tried _____ marketing tactic. It doesn't work." While it may be true that a given approach is ill-suited for a particular industry, audience, or situation, in my experience the tactic is less often to blame than the implementation of it... read more.


By Ian Mount | NY Times
When Mary White opened her unemployment insurance statement in August and saw that her account had been docked for a claim from an employee who had quit more than a year before, she was baffled. Ms. White, 51, the founder of, a bed-and-breakfast search engine and booking site, hired the employee after the employee's previous company... read more.  



Essentials of Starting a New Business

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/3/2011Register By:11/3/2011
Time:6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Rassman 100 , 2222 Dena Dr., San Angelo, TX 76909-0001
Description:Do you dream of owning your own business but don't know where to begin? Gain valuable insights from the professionals at the ASU-Small Business Development Center at this FREE seminar. At this seminar, you will learn the basics of writing a busin...
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WORKSHOP Facebook and Twitter Bootcamp

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$50.00
Event Date:11/9/2011Register By:11/9/2011
Time:3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Rassman 117 (Computer Lab), 2222 Dena Dr., San Angelo, TX 76904
Description:Ready to dive into social media marketing? We're here to guide you. Andy Allen of Chaos Marketing will guide attendees, step by step, through setting up their very own Facebook and Twitter pages for their business. Assistance will also be provided...
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How to do Business with the Government

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/10/2011Register By:11/10/2011
Time:9 a.m. - 12 noon
Event Location:West Texas Training Center, 3501 N. Us Highway 67, San Angelo, TX 76905-4609
Description:Are you interested in doing business with the government? There are many powerful websites and programs available to assist businesses that are interested in doing business with the government and a number of policies and procedures that must be ...
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Profit Mastery Series

Event Status:
Event Fee:$299.00
Event Date:11/11/2011 to 11/18/2011Register By:11/10/2011
Time:8:15 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Vincent 238, 2333 Vanderventer St., San Angelo, TX 76904
Description:Profit Mastery@ University (PMU) is for business entrepreneurs seeking to start, purchase, manage or grow a business. Business owners will be able to apply Profit Mastery principals throughout their careers. It focuses on practical, plain-English,...


Business Plan I: Writing the Narrative

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/15/2011Register By:11/15/2011
Time:6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Rassman 100, 2222 Dena Dr., San Angelo, TX 76904
Description:Looking for your road map to success? Then you need a business plan. Attend this seminar to learn how to write your business plan. A good business plan can save a business thousands of dollars in the long run and is a great way to avoid common pit...
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Business Plan II: Financials

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/16/2011Register By:11/16/2011
Time:6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Rassman 100, 2222 Dena Dr., San Angelo, TX 76909-0001
Description:Is the Financial portion of your Business Plan lacking? Well, not anymore. The professional staff of the ASU-SBDC have helped hundred of business owners create Business Plans and they're ready to help you too. The Financial portion of a business p...
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Business Brown Bag: ADA Accomodations and Resources

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/17/2011Register By:11/17/2011
Time:12 noon - 1 p.m. (Doors Open 11:45 a.m.)
Event Location:Chamber Riverview Room, 418 W. Ave B., San Angelo, TX 76903
Description:This is the last in the series about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Anna Parker, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, and Bernie Coffee, Disability Navigator, Concho Valley Workforce Devel...


Financing Options for Your Small Business

Event Status:OpenEvent Fee:$0.00
Event Date:11/29/2011Register By:11/29/2011
Time:6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Location:ASU Rassman 100, 2222 Dena Dr., San Angelo, TX 76904
Description:Are you looking for funding to start or expand your business? Not sure what the best option may be or even what is available? Attend this seminar to learn about the many funding options out there and how to go about obtaining them. Topics include ...
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Standard TimesEach week, a member of the ASU-SBDC staff submits a Business Tips article for the San Angelo Standard Times business section. (Articles published Mondays). You can also find them here each month. 



By Peggy Hodges CBA IV

Can your business run without you? That is the No. 1 question you must ask yourself as you begin to prepare to sell your business. If the answer is "no," then it is time to start making changes to your business well in advance of placing it for sale... read more.



By Dave Erickson CBA IV

Recently I was visiting with owners of a local small business in the services industry. They were frustrated by the lack of knowledge and understanding by key employees on what drives profits and cash flow... read more.

By Paul Howard CBA IV
After attending the "Access to Capital" seminar hosted by the ASU-SBDC last week, it became clear to me that lenders in San Angelo and the Concho Valley really want to help potential and existing small businesses with capital... read more.


By Cindy Hartin CBA II

As a business adviser, understanding the common traits and skills successful business owners possess helps me understand clients. We have several people visit our center with aspirations of business ownership. But what does it take to create, innovate and organize a successful business?... read more.

By Jessica Lambert CTC

Value is equal to the benefit of a purchase minus the costs. When customers make a purchase, they not only consider the price but the overall value of the product package. Are you providing a good value?.. read more.


Owner: Even Cordell-McNulty

Paradise Lawn & Landscape
Evan Cordell-McNulty of Paradise Lawn and Landscape
Business: Paradise Lawn & Landscape
Nature of Business: Landscape Care & Design Services 
City: San Angelo, Texas
Adviser:  Paul Howard


Evan had been working for a local nursery as a crew foreman and enjoyed his job, but felt as if he was not using the education he obtained. He has a degree related to this industry so he wanted to branch out on h is own and start his own lawn and landscape company.

Evan was new to San Angelo so he came to the Angelo State University * Small Business Development Center for assistance. He met with Advisor Paul Howard and they discussed his business idea. Paul determined Evan needed a business plan and suggested he develop one to help direct him. He continued his employment, but worked on his business plan in the meantime and the time came for him to start his own small business. Evan said, "Having just moved to San Angelo, it was essential for me to learn about the local economy as well as its rules and regulations. The classes and instructors have been wonderful in helping me decide if and when to start my business."

Paradise Lawn & Landscape is now serving San Angelo and the Concho Valley. Evan can not only maintain lawns, but can determine specifically what lawns need to be lush and beautiful. The business created one new job.

Read more success stories on our website  and learn about the many ways the ASU-SBDC can assist entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you start or grow successful businesses.

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