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Shalom! Tomorrow is the last night of week one - lovingkindness. Tonight's spiritual practice is a song that will calm you and bring a smile to your face. The music and lyrics, both included, are an affirmation and a blessing. Enjoy!   -Heather
April 12 - Today is day 6 of 49.
Naomi Less at window
Naomi Less, MA
founder: Jewish Chicks Rock; feminist activist and educator


From Heather  
Naomi rocks. Her energy is contagious and her talent is enormous.

I love her music and listen to it all the time. Naomi's songs have special associations for me; each one speaks to something in my life as it will yours.

One thing about Naomi is that she brings amazing people together. I trust that anytime Naomi connects me with someone, that this is a person so special who I will take to immediately. Not only is she a singer/songwriter but she does camp programs and workshops to teach young people how to write songs and make music. She's one you should know.
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Countdown to Freedom
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Omer Counter
to be recited after nightfall this evening
Omer Bracha

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, asher kid'shanu be'mitzvo'tav ve-tzivanu al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed be You Yah our God Ruler of space and time, who made us holy through commandments and commanded us about counting the Omer.

Hayom shisha yamim ba'Omer.
Today (evening of April 12th) is
Day 6 of the Omer.


What You Give


The life you live is about what you give.


What you give defines who you are as a person. The intention is more important than how much money you give. Focus on the need and presence for the recipient is a form of giving. Your generosity of heart -and of pocket- can change a person's life.
Often people are deterred from giving if they're not from major financial means. Let us break through that barrier. Hospitals have been built from pennies. In my tradition (Judaism) a prominent 12th century sage (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon - the RAMBAM) actually highlights 8 different levels of giving (tzedakah)!

There are lots of ways you can give, and each has value. Each changes the world for the better.

The highest levels of giving are when we do not need nor want recognition of our gift and when we invest our energy in helping another become or remain self-supporting. Extending oneself for others in service is a form of generosity.
Today, we are living in a world that sadly touts the largest number of slaves ever on the planet. Many of us are not immediately impacted by this. But it's extremely uncomfortable to empathize - I myself experience uncomfortable feelings of despair and paralysis about people who are too invisible to reach. Perhaps one way to help is by giving.

What we give to this issue is: continued attention, expanded awareness, and as much money as we are able to provide rehabilitation for rescued slaves. Its troubling to imagine the amount of help needed for necessary rehabilitation from the trauma of trafficking.

The Global Seva Challenge 2012 raises funds for rescue and rehabilitation, police and enforcement in India and elsewhere.
What you give is up to you. 
The life you live is about what you give.  


Spiritual Practice
The Real Me CD
What You Give <-Click!

- by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman

- produced by Glenn Grossan  


Verse 1:  

My friend I hear your troubles

You've got no love to give
The world is out to get you
That's just no way for you to live
Your sadness starts to blind you
From seeing life at peace
But don't you know the way you make me feel?

You bring me joy - Sasson v'simcha
You bring great love - Ahava Rabbah
And I believe - Ani Ma'aminah
That the life you live is about what you give

Verse 2:
My mom - I know your troubles
But I don't comprehend
How your pain will never turn you
Bitter in the end
You never show the truth behind
Your unassuming smile
So rest a minute - listen to my words

When I've been down there's always
Someone who shows true
I know there's so much I can do
See my world with a more perfect view
Let me be that somebody for you

Verse 3:
My world - you've got some troubles
But that's not what I see
Miracles can live inside
A desperate tragedy
The power is within us
Spread happiness around
Stop a minute - share the love you've found


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