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April 2012
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SCV Youth Project's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where teens and families are strengthened, empowered and equipped with the tools they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.

We change lives of youth, parents, and families. We are easily accessible to all through:
- Crisis Intervention              - Peer Mentoring
- Parent Support                   - Group Counseling 

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Bittersweet time of year for the staff of the Youth Project; with only a few weeks left until schools turn their attention towards finals, graduation and summer break, we have begun preparations to end our one to one sessions and support groups which have been on-going.

We will still work with students until the first week of May and will continue to provide outreach and education until then
, including The Every 15 Minutes Campaign this week at Valencia High School and an Internet safety/cyber bullying presentation at Rancho Pico junior high.

Last month, we successfully completed the 2nd Annual Game of Life event (see below) and assisted Canyon High School with their Every 15 Minutes campaign providing crisis counseling to the students impacted by the program.

Sadly, the Youth Project has been hit hard by the ailing economy and is stretching every dollar to ensure that we can continue to provide free services to hundreds of students on a weekly basis.  Our budget has been greatly impacted in two specific areas: the William S. Hart School district contract that we have held for the last five years, was lost due to CA budget cuts and a high number of grants are being held by foundations who are understaffed and working hard to respond to the increase in grant submissions.  We were fortunate to have a decent size reserve, but that won't last much longer.

In an effort to raise money and awareness, we launched the Say YES to Youth campaign (again, see below), in which we invited people to support the SCVYP financially, but also to re-dedicate ourselves to helping our teens prosper.  The second phase of the YES to Youth campaign will roll out in a few months, with a town hall forum to discuss issues that plague our children and the resources available to help them and help us be better parents and community members.  Please keep an eye out for more information and in the mean time, join the community of others who have pledged to make a difference.  It just takes $24/month to impact the life of a teenager ... it's just that simple.  We need your help now more than ever, please do what you can to support the Youth Project.

Make sure you check it out, send us your comments; let us know what you want to talk and learn about - nothing is off limits, and we always maintain confidentiality.  Our goal is provide families with information that will help bridge the communication gap with their teenagers and to educate ourselves on issues that our youth are facing daily.  Get involved, be empowered, make a difference!

All Best,
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Kim Goldman, Executive Director 
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Thank You to Canyon High School for hosting the 2nd Annual Game of Life Event, teaching students how to handle crisis scenarios!  What a great way to empower kids to help themselves.

Thank You to those that have already joined the Say Yes to Youth Campaign launched in March.  We are so thankful for all of your generosity and your commitment to the kids in our valley.  The fundraising component is just phase one in our master plan of our outreach campaign.  Stay tuned for more information. 
Don't know what Say Yes to Youth is ...
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Youth Project Praise

"This was a really good group, because everyone is so nice and so supportive" 
- 16 yo, Canyon High HS 

 "Thank You for all you do in our community and for our kids - you help us keep
them safe"
- Parent 

"It's not just drugs that our kids are dealing with - they are depressed and angry at the world and more than that, they are scared.  How can we assure them, it will be ok?" -Email from Parent in Palo Alto

Have ideas for fundraisers? Want to become part of our Board of Directors?  Interested in sponsoring one of our programs?

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SCVYP Board of Directors & Advisory Committee  

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Nancy Starczyk, Secretary
Tom Hough, Treasurer
Martin Rodriguez, Member at Large 

Board of Directors

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Maggi Havas

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Renee' Kaehny 

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If you would like to do more for the Youth Project, send us an email, let us know how you would like to help, we would love to hear from you.    



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New Program Coming:
Stay tuned to hear more about this incredible outreach effort led by students from all across the Santa Clarita Valley.
Voices Unite

The Youth Project is sponsoring the 17th Hole at the upcoming 28th Annual Oak Tree Golf Classic We will have a great surprise waiting for you there, so make to say hello!
Protecting Our Youth

The community of Santa Clarita was recently stirred from a quiet suburban slumber, with news that a young girl was found unconscious near one of the local high schools. Rumors started to spread quickly and "love and prayers" were delivered immediately via social media to the family. Nobody was really talking about the "what" that caused this girl to be found unconscious, just an overwhelming sense of compassion extended to a fellow neighbor. That is lovely to witness.  

But it needs to be said:  this was an attempted suicide by a 15 year old girl, who sadly knew no other way to ease her pain but to numb it forever.  She hanged herself off the S in the locally recognized S sign behind Saugus High School. And when a concerned teacher valiantly appeared from the hillside to save her life - she fought him off; she didn't want to be saved. She resisted his help when he offered her life. Let that simmer for a bit.

This post is not to judge, debate or accuse the school, the family or the young girl of any wrong doing... instead it's to rip the band-aid off the taboo topic of suicide. The purpose of this article is to get the conversation going, to talk openly and honestly about an issue that persists amongst so many young people today, even in Awesometown. And before the naysayers get up in arms at the mere whisper of the "S" word ... we know that having honest and candid dialogue about suicide, does not give permission to or incite suicide hysteria with those listening or participating in the conversation. On the contrary, being able to speak freely only promotes healthy discussion and resolutions, ultimately creating a safe place to share pain and anguish; it could just save a teenagers life


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Upcoming FUNdraising Events

cakeGet your tickets, become a sponsor, or enter a cake for 4th Annual Sweet Charity Cake Auction presented by Providence Hospital

APRIL 21, 2012
Tournament Players Club in Valencia

 CLICK HERE: Sponsorship Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE

Wednesday's in April (until May 16th) Chick-fil-A is hosting
Spirit Night and the SCV Youth Project is the beneficiary!

Make sure to download the flier first (just click on the Spirit Night logo) before you head over.  The Youth Project will receive a portion of the proceeds, so make sure you bring your friends and family!
spirit night

The Youth Project is active on the following campuses:

Arroyo Seco Junior High           La Mesa Junior High           
Rio Norte Junior High 
Placerita Junior High                  Rancho Pico Junior High    Sierra Vista Junior High

Castaic Middle School

Bowman High School                Canyon High School            
Golden Valley High School 

Hart High School                        Saugus High School               West Ranch High School
Valencia High School

Each school is participating in one or more of our FREE programs.  Call us for more information if you would like to request services.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

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Kim Goldman, Executive Director