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Public Release Free Guide & Video
Tom Landis Announces
Public Release of Home Building Video
Home Building Video
Seattle, Washington, April 2007 -
Tom Landis shares his Home Building Video as a free resource to consumers so they can take a critical thinking approach to the residential Design/Build Process.
Tom's 45-minute documentary takes you through the entire building sequence from excavation to landscaping, covering every phase of construction so you get a chance to watch a custom home put together from start to finish.
As you watch Tom's Home Building Video, you can follow the script and refer to the Home Building Guide for additional details.
Public Release of Home Building Guide
Home Building Guide
The Home Building Guide is the result of 25 years experience in building construction.  Tom opens his personal files to owners because consumer advocacy in the residential Design/Build Process is his primary concern.
The Guide is written to provide valid and reliable information for managing residential architecture and construction.  It is for people who want to be closely involved in their own project.
Tom's free 200+ page Home Building Guide covers 19 important subject areas that are crucial to successful management of your project.
About Tom Landis
Consumer Advocate, Tom Landis, began his career in construction as a builder. He finished a carpentry apprenticeship then served with the Navy Seabees before completing degree work in Construction Management.
After 30 years of home building and remodeling experience, he is a hands-on professional as familiar with using the tools of the trade as with the business of home building and remodeling.
He is the host every Sunday afternoon at 1pm on 1180AM KLAY in the great Pacific Northwest for the popular Down Home Radio Show.
Tom was prompted to develop this guide and produce a companion video because so many people were interested in becoming closely involved in the Design/Build process.
What he fulfills is a need by the consumer to get accurate information from a builder's perspective.
Home Building Guide & Video Copyright 1976-2008, 5th Edition by Tom Landis