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  • Working with Professionals
  • Here are three different points-of-view from within the construction industry that'll help you better understand your Owner-Builder Advantage when Working with Professionals.
  • Part 1: Understanding Building Green
  • This issue of the Owner Builder Newsletter is dedicated to the organizations who are best able to help you understand green concepts when you buy, build, remodel, maintain, or improve your home.
  • Part 2: Calculating Building Green
  • This issue of the Owner Builder Newsletter is dedicated to three resources that may be helpful to consumers for taking a systems view of building green when calculating the impact of following a building green approach.
  • Part 3: Innovating Building Green
  • This issue of the Owner Builder Newsletter is dedicated to the 2007 Solar Decathlon held in Washington, D.C. and those organizations doing research on the future of Building Green.
  • The Early American Home
  • Recently on Down Home Radio, Tom had the pleasure of speaking with Jack Larkin, author of Where We Lived. Mr. Larkin is museum scholar and chief historian at Old Sturbridge Village.
  • Remembering Mother's Day
  • Mother's Day celebrates Mom. It is time for a home-made meal, a hand-scribbled note, and a time to honor your Mother by giving her what she wants.
  • Home Building Guide & Video - Free Online Resource
  • Tom was prompted to develop this guide and produce a companion video because so many people were interested in becoming closely involved in the Design/Build process.
  • Honoring Memorial Day
  • Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.
  • Enjoy Your Building Experience
  • Tom says, "You start with what you know, gain confidence, expand your skill and knowledge, and then tackle bigger projects."
  • Building A Family Tree House
  • While we were working in the woods on the roadway at our new job site, the kids and I were admiring a century old maple tree, and Will commented, "That would be a great place for a treehouse!"
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