July 27, 2010
Michael Ross

Vice President - Technology

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Aidmatrix Network Spring 2010 Release Delivers Customization & Internationalization for Supply Chain Management Suite

Humanitarian Relief Solutions Expanded for Nonprofits

Dallas TX - July 27, 2010 - The Aidmatrix Foundation Inc. today announced the partner successes surrounding its Spring 2010 release of the Aidmatrix Network for Humanitarian Relief. These success stories include International Health Partners (IHP), ISTAT's AirLink program and FareShare. This latest release is currently in production and available to all existing customers as it is delivered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). The major additions to the Supply Chain Management Suite include the Plus+ versions of the In-Kind Donations Management, Transportation Donations Management, Needs Management, and Online Warehouse modules along with key new administrative functions in the Online Ordering module. For complete technical details and screenshots, visit www.aidmatrix.org

The key Plus+ features include customizable "flex" fields that can be used in addition to the robust standard fields to match the users' unique workflows. Other major enhancements include the internationalization of language, standards, currencies, measurements and more, including a completely translated warehouse version available in Spanish. Both of these focus areas are particularly beneficial to relief organizations with international locations to support where multiple standards of currency and measurements need to be supported while providing management with aggregated reporting of inventory quantity and value across multiple locations. In addition, the Online Ordering module added several administrative tools to reduce overall administration time and further integrate the solution into users' existing websites and workflows.

"We use the Aidmatrix Network to help manage our in-kind medical donations. The new flex fields in the Plus+ version have really helped make the application follow our specific workflows and processes. As we continue to grow our donor base across Europe and expand the services that we offer, the ability to customise fields means that we can ensure the Aidmatrix system continues to meet the needs of our donors," stated Alex Harrix, Industry & Government Relations Director, International Health Partners (IHP). Visit www.ihpuk.org

"Aidmatrix showed the highest level of dedication, professionalism, and competence while designing and launching our AirLink website portal to help us and our partners manage our transportation donations & needs. During the design phase they demonstrated a thorough understanding of our objectives, listened to our ideas, and provided quality and appropriate input throughout the process," stated Ty Prettyman, AirLink Program Director. ISTAT's AirLink program launched the Transportation Donations Management Plus+ module this Spring. ISTAT's portal, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, provides a web-based system which connects humanitarian organizations who have a need to transport passengers or cargo with airlines who can provide transportation for free or low cost. Visit www.istat.org

Nathan Au, Project Manager, Brighton and Hove depots, FareShare stated: "the new flex fields and functionality that have been developed for the FareShare version of the Aidmatrix WMS (warehouse management system) are very useful. They provide a wealth of easily accessible information that is invaluable to the daily running of operations, reducing the need for separate phone lists, allowing detailed tracking and reporting of incoming/outgoing goods and the ability to quickly get an overview of daily operations." FareShare, a UK-based nonprofit, is a community food network that contributed towards more than 7.4 million meals delivered in 2008/2009. Visit www.fareshare.org.uk

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