January 20, 2010
Melis Jones
Vice President
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ISTAT's AirLink Program Joins Aidmatrix Network® to Coordinate Air Transportation for Haitian Earthquake Relief and More

DALLAS, TX - January 20, 2010 - The Aidmatrix Foundation today announced a partnership with the ISTAT Foundation (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading - www.istat.org) to help facilitate the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid for the Haitian Earthquake in addition to ongoing humanitarian efforts. ISTAT's AirLink program will use the Aidmatrix Network®'s technology to connect airline capacity to humanitarian need while connecting the ISTAT membership with the hundreds of NGOs currently posting transportation needs on the Aidmatrix Network.

Around the world, humanitarian NGOs are in need of inexpensive air transportation (passenger and cargo) to supplement existing developmental programs and disaster relief. The ISTAT membership is able to coordinate and provide the transportation and other in-kind contributions that the NGOs require. There are more than 1800 worldwide members of ISTAT, each contributing to the aviation industry in their own capacity. The relationships within the ISTAT network are a key component to the success of AirLink.


ISTAT is using Aidmatrix's SCM Transportation Donations Management and Needs Management modules to achieve their goals. The technology and services provided by Aidmatrix will enable ISTAT to focus their efforts on securing more donated and discounted transportation offers from their membership while Aidmatrix manages the administration behind the scenes. Work is already underway to connect donated capacity on flights into Haiti with NGO staff and supplies. Visit the ISTAT AirLink web portal to learn more about this effort and see current transportation needs at http://www.airlink-istat.org/.


"We are focused on the multiplier effect of connecting our program with the Aidmatrix Network of NGOs who are seeking transportation services -- especially on the Haitian Earthquake Relief efforts," stated Robert Brown, Project Manager of ISTAT's AirLink program. "We are already tracking our transportation donations in the system and getting them visible to this large, centralized, online audience of NGOs while coordinating flight plans for the immediate future as the Port-Au-Prince airport opens up to more relief flights this week."

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