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Target and Take Action Seminar - Assess and Improve
Startup Conference - Last Chance
Ask Victoria: Are Leaders Born or Grown?

Startup Guide
Startup Guide

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Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


Are you investing in knowledge to grow your company?


In September and October, Sylvina Consulting is pleased to present two different types of conferences for owners and executives of network marketing and party plan companies.


The Direct Selling Edge Conference in September is for new and young companies, while the October Target and Take Action Seminar is targeted for those who wish to assess and improve their established businesses.


Ben would be proud.  Both are great investments.  


In the second of a three-part series on leadership, Victoria answers the question, "Are leaders born or grown?"


Target and Take Action Seminar

Assess and Improve

Target and GrowIf your company isn't growing or isn't growing as quickly as you'd like, you need to know why before you take action.


While consulting with direct selling companies of all sizes since 1986, we have found that it's rarely one cause. Usually, there are multiple contributors.


On Friday, October 19, in Los Angeles we will present the most common factors that hinder growth and then tell you what you can do about each of them.


What else will I learn?


Startup Conference

Last Chance


Startup Conference If you have a new or young MLM or party plan company, the Direct Selling Edge Conference is the best place to get answers.


Come to Las Vegas where you will learn about compensation plans, initial recruiting, founder programs, launch strategies, legal considerations, compliance, MLM software, social media, merchant accounts, tax obligations and other important topics. 


I'd like to know more.


Ask Victoria

Victoria Dohr

Are leaders born or grown?


Everyone wants more leaders, but how do you get them?  


Do I find them or grow them?


Our mission at Sylvina Consulting is to improve your party plan or network marketing company.  We work with both startups and established direct selling companies. 
With guidance from Sylvina Consulting, you can benefit from our suggestions, recommendations and deliverables gained from 25+ years of experience working with more than 300 direct selling companies.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.  

Jay Leisner
Jay Leisner
President, Sylvina Consulting
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