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Simple compensation plans are attractive because they are easy to explain.


However, simple compensation plans don't motivate all of the behaviors that we want from a direct selling sales force.  Why not?  Find out in this issue's first article.

Some say that hostess programs are like compensation plans for hostesses.  If you have one, have you taken a good look at yours lately?  We discuss the fine points of hostess programs in article #2.

What are the characteristics of a successful catalog?  Victoria answers this important question in her October column.

Can I Have A Simple Compensation Plan?

Yes, you can... but you need to know this... 
Simple compensation plans don't motivate all of the behaviors you should be encouraging from your sales force. 

All About Hostess Programs

Hostess programs are indeed like mini compensation plans for hostesses.  They are designed to motivate specific behaviors.

What are are these behaviors?

Ask Victoria
Victoria DohrWhat are the characteristics of a successful catalog?


Clearly, a successful catalog produces good results.  

At Sylvina Consulting, we help network marketing and party plan companies to launch or grow.

We design and improve compensation plans and recognition programs, write and edit marketing and training materials, lead or assist with software acquisition and software implementation projects, and many other important projects.
We also provide advice and wisdom from 24 years of experience, creativity, and solutions to the challenges faced by direct selling companies.

If you haven't yet experienced the Sylvina difference, you're in for a treat!

For help to launch or grow your business, give us a call.

Jay Leisner 
Jay Leisner
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