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What is compensation plan auditing?   Why do it?  Who should do it?  How do you do it?
In our first article, we'll answer these important questions and share with you the best practices for compensation plan auditing.

In our second article, sample our recipe for successful team conference calls.

How much does it cost to start a direct selling company?
Because this question is one that is asked frequently, Victoria has chosen to reprise her answer in her column this month.

Commission Run Auditing
Commission Run AuditingCommission run auditing is a process of steps to validate that your sales representatives are paid accurately based on the rules of your compensation plan.
Stated another way, acceptance of responsibility for accurate payments = commission run auditing!

How do you audit commission runs?

A Recipe for Successful Team Conference Calls

Like a cake, the secret for a successful team conference call depends on the right mix of ingredients.
Whether the call is to be held by the company with its top leaders, or by a leader with her team, our recipe works for both!
Ask Victoria
Victoria DohrWhat does it cost to start a direct selling company?

This is a good question to ask, but a difficult one to answer because there isn't a single magic number to give you.

I can tell you that our clients have launched their businesses for as little as... 

At Sylvina Consulting, our passion is to help direct selling companies in many ways.
Besides the work we do to design and improve compensation plans, we write and edit marketing and training materials, assist with software acquisition and implementation projects, and other important tasks.
We also provide advice from experience,  creativity, and solutions to those vexing problems we like to call "challenges."

If you haven't yet experienced the Sylvina difference, you're in for a treat!  For help to launch or grow your business, give us a call.

Jay Leisner 
Jay Leisner
President, Sylvina Consulting
Office:  503.244.8787