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Startup  Guide
Startup Guide

Are you running a marathon or a sprint?  Building or growing a business is very much like running a race.

Your answer is important.  In our first article, find out if you're in the right race. 

What is the number #1 thing you absolutely must not
do when signing a merchant account agreement?  Be sure to read this article for some words of wisdom you need to know now.

In her monthly column, Victoria Dohr responds to this question, "I have an idea for a direct selling company.  Where do I start?"

The answers are all here in the June 2010 issue of Sylvina Consulting's "Insights for Network Marketing and Party Plan Companies."

Your Business:  Marathon or Sprint?

In your business, are you running a marathon or a sprint?

Find out what racing has to do with growing a business and why your answer matters.

The answer is important.  Find out if you're in the right race.

Merchant Accounts 101

#1Merchant accounts are needed to accept credit cards payments.

What is the ONE thing you must absolutely NOT do when signing a merchant account agreement?
Ask Victoria
Victoria DohrWhat Should I Do First?

If you have an idea for a new direct selling company, you may be asking this question.

It's easier if you have some steps to follow.

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Our passion is to help direct selling companies.  We provide advice from experience,  creativity, and solutions to those vexing problems we like to call "challenges."

If you haven't yet experienced the Sylvina difference, you're in for a treat!  For help to launch or grow your business, give us a call.

Jay Leisner 
Jay Leisner
President, Sylvina Consulting
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