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Startup Guide
Startup Guide

What are the rules of recognition that should be followed by direct selling companies?

If you're not yet a member, why should you join the Direct Selling Association?

What is rapport and why does it matter for your business and those of your independent representatives?

The answers to each of these questions are here in our April 2010 newslettter.
Rules of Recognition

As a direct selling company, one of your primary goals should be to attract and retain your independent sales representatives.

Distributors and consultants are not employees who report to work each day with regular contact with their supervisors. They are independent contractors who are operating their own businesses. This means that all of what they do is truly up to them.

Money will help to keep your representatives working, but it's not enough!

Everyone loves to be praised. At their core, direct selling companies are in the "recognition and praise" business.


Why Join the DSA?

DSA LogoDo you have all the knowledge and resources that you need to operate and grow your direct selling company?

Dreams and vision can only take you so far before you need outside help and information.

Whatever your current challenges may be, the Direct Selling Association, its member companies, and its network of experts can help you to bring greater success to your company.

Ask Victoria
Victoria DohrWhat is rapport?

Rapport is what we all seek. It can help bring us harmony and balance into our daily lives. 

Rapport is part of the foundation on which we build our success in life and in business.
How can I use rapport?


April is a great month!  In addition to the flowering trees and bushes, I especially like the longer days.
Our passion is to help direct selling companies.  We provide advice from experience,  creativity, and solutions to those vexing problems we like to call "challenges."
For help to launch or grow your business, give us a call!

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