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Startup Guide
Startup Guide

What is a balanced compensation plan?  Does your company have one?

What are the attributes of the products best for direct selling?

Why is MLM software so expensive?

All of the answers to these important questions are here in this March issue of our monthly email newsletter.

A Balanced Compensation Plan

Compensation plans should be designed to motivate and reward specific behaviors.

At the same time, the budget you've allocated for field compensation needs to be spent wisely.

What are these behaviors?

How do you balance the needs of one group (for example, new representatives) against the needs of another (perhaps leaders)?

Tell me more about compensation.

Best Products for Direct Sales

All network marketing and party plan direct selling companies are in search of new products.

Some products are better suited for direct selling than others.  Do you ever wonder about what the ideal product would look like?

We have.  In all, we've identified 20 attributes of the ideal direct selling product.

Give me 20!

Ask Victoria
Victoria Dohr

Why is MLM software so expensive?

Supply and demand is only one of the reasons.

What are the others?


Have you noticed that the days are getting longer?

Spring is a great time to think about new growth.  For help to launch or grow your business, give us a call!

Jay Leisner
President, Sylvina Consulting
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