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For your direct selling company, would you like to have all of these...
  • accurate sales forecasts?
  • growth in sales and recruitment?
  • strong training programs?
  • effective leadership development?
  • a powerful compensation plan?
  • efficient inventory management?
  • good cash flow management?
  • software sized for your business?
  • excellent health in all areas of your business?
Find out what you need to have them all in our first article, Measure and Take Action!

In our second article, Retail Customers?, we tackle the sleeping elephant in the room:  retail customers for network marketing companies.
Last up, Victoria Dohr answers an important question about rapport and your independent representatives.

Whether you were ready or not, autumn has officially arrived.  May you view the changing seasons as an opportunity for positive change.
Measure and Take Action!

It's a Two-Step

GaugesThis dance is worth doing.

To get the information you need to operate your business like a pro, first you need to measure it properly.

What should I measure?
Retail Customers?

Carrot or Stick?
Carrot or StickOne of the differences between some network marketing companies and pyramid schemes is the presence of customers who don't participate in the income opportunity.

For many network marketing companies, however, there are very few retail customers who aren't also independent representatives.

This is a problem that I call "the sleeping elephant in the room."

In the Omnitrition, Trek Alliance, and Equinox cases, courts found problems with the payment of commissions on sales of products to participants in the income opportunity.  Even so, these court case precedents do not constitute laws.

Where does that leave network marketing companies?  I say it leaves them in the position where they should encourage sales to retail customers.

Should a carrot or a stick be used?
Ask Victoria
Victoria DohrHow do you teach rapport-building to your sales representatives?

Rapport is important in the selling process, but not everyone understands this.

Rapport can be taught?
Do you have questions?  We have answers.
Victoria and I look forward to talking with you.
Jay Leisner
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