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June 2009

Do you know what your independent representatives truly think about your company and its income opportunity? In our first article, we'll explain how to survey a direct selling sales force.

How are direct selling executives just like airline pilots?  This is a serious question.  Find out the answer in our second article.

How long should a qualification period be for a trip incentive?  In this economy, are trip incentives still important?  In her monthly column, Victoria Dohr answers these important questions.

What Are They Thinking?
How to Survey a Direct Selling Sales Force

What are they thinking? If you're not asking this question about your salesforce, you should be!

While some of your representatives will share their concerns and compliments with you, most won't. Unsolicited feedback is important, but you shouldn't rely upon it as your only gauge of field attitudes.

How do I find out what they think?
How are direct selling executives just like
airline pilots?
Just like an airplane pilot, operators of direct selling businesses need to have an accurate set of gauges.
Do you have all the information you need to run your business?  If not, you're flying partly in the dark!
Recruiting, activity, sales, retention, compensation, rank promotions and demotions... each offers a different view of your business. 
Measuring key operating indicators in each of these areas is important, but it's not enough.

What else is needed?
Ask Victoria
Victoria Dohr How long should a qualification period be for a trip incentive?

People are motivated not only by money.

Trip incentives encourage representatives to work hard for the recognition earned for achieving a specific goal.
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Jay Leisner, President
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