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March 2009
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Just like an orchestra, your company consists of instruments that require adjustments. In our first article, we'll explain how you can tell if your business needs tuning to improve its performance.

Would you like to be a company hero? Learn how to increase profits by saving money on an overlooked but important expense in our second article.

How do you know if your product is suited for direct selling? Take the product challenge in our monthly column, Ask Victoria.

Tune Your Business

Instrumental Adjustments


Like an orchestra, a direct selling company is composed of many instruments, each of which must do its part to produce the desired result, a symphonic success!

When one or more elements are in need of tuning, the performance of the whole suffers.

Are your company's instruments tuned for success? Find out in this article.

Be A Company Hero

Increase Profits by Saving Money

Vendor inbound freight costs are often viewed as an insignificant part of overall inventory costs. However, in many companies, inbound freight expense can be as high as 4% or more of gross sales. If you take the steps to reduce your inbound freight costs, you'll be a company hero.

Ask Victoria

Is My Product A Good One for Direct Sales?

Victoria Dohr

Here are the questions to ask to help you determine if a product will be good for direct sales:

Beautiful music can be created from tuned instruments.

Is your business tuned up for success?

Sylvina Consulting has 22 years of success in improving home party plan and network marketing companies. If your business needs to be tuned, we should be talking now.


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