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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods:
New Arrangements from "Brave"


harp music from Brave About a year ago, I saw a movie trailer for "Brave," which said the Disney / Pixar animated film would be "coming in 2012."  It looked like it was going to have lots of Celtic music that should work well on the harp. Right then and there, I started bugging my contact at Disney Music to get permission to arrange the pieces for harp.  He gave me permission, but said that none of the music would be available until the movie was released. 

The day the movie opened, I downloaded the CD soundtrack and got to work.  I was quickly able to get the lovely lullaby "Noble Maiden Fair" arranged, approved, and available on our website as a PDF music download.  The rest of the music took a while longer, because the composer hadn't yet approved the official piano music book.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I was given the OK. 

You'll find my harp arrangements of 6 pieces from "Brave" available on our website as PDF downloads.  You can purchase them separately, or save 50% by buying all of them together in one PDF.

The music is very Celtic in sound and feel, and most pieces are playable by advanced beginner to intermediate players. Fingerings and chord symbols are included.  Only two pieces require lever changes, and these are very easy, with lots of time to make the changes.  See our website for more information about each of the pieces.

I hope you enjoy playing this fun movie music! Disney Pixar Up

P.S. Don't forget: we also sell the PDF download of my harp arrangement of the lovely theme from the Disney / Pixar animated movie "Up".

personalNew books 


We've recently added some great new books to our website. 

Kim Robertson's Windshadows II book is finally back in print! Music for a Peaceful Heart

 Lisa Lynne has a new book of compositions and arrangements from her CDs: Music for a Peaceful Heart.

Harp in School
If you have a student who wants to play harp in a school orchestra, you need to check out this new book:   A Harp in the School: A Guide for School Ensemble Directors and Harpists Book.  It was written by well-known harp instructors and published by the American String Teachers Association.
Beatles for Folk Harp

 Maeve Gilchrist's book Beatles for Folk Harp is specifically arranged for small lap harps.

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Sylvia Woods
winnerReview-It winner


I'm always so happy and honored when our customers tells us how much they love and appreciate our products.  We have quite a few people who have submitted multiple reviews on our site of their favorite products.  Our "Review-It" winner this month is Jeane from Las Vegas.  So far, she's submitted 8 reviews . . . and she says that more are coming! 

Here's her review for the Dusty Strings FH34 harp that she purchased from us.

 I found myself "needing" another harp. I have a 26 string travel harp and a pedal harp for home. I discovered Sylvia Woods and the Harp Center. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Dusty Strings. Sylvia guided me to the harps that would best suit my purpose. I chose the FH34 in Walnut because of the amazing sound. It is rich and warm . . . almost creamy . . . but still has a crispness to it as well. Playing this harp is a pure joy. As a beginner I was happy to find a harp that was so easy to play and made me sound so much better than I am! The design with the detachable legs is so very clever . . . makes this harp so easy to travel with . . . fits beautifully into my Honda Accord. The case that comes with this harp is first class. The attention to the details on this harp is amazing. I feel so incredibly lucky to play this wonderful instrument. Thank you Sylvia. I just love this harp!!!

Jeane Here's what Jeane told us about herself.
 "I retired from my landscape business that my husband and I own, and have kept myself busy with travel and grand kids.  I always said if I ever was to play a musical instrument, it would be a harp.  One day, I figured, "today is the day I will do it!!"  I was 56, never played an instrument before of any type, not even a kazoo!!  I went online and found my teacher, who then helped me secure a rental harp.  I had originally thought I wanted to play the Paraguayan harp. . Kim was willing to teach me whatever I wanted, despite my lack of musical knowledge and skill.  Well, what you think you want and what happens are sometimes two different things!  Once I started learning, I discovered a whole new world!!  I am now the proud owner of a 26-string travel harp, a concert grand pedal harp and my newest harp, the wonderful Dusty Strings FH34 in walnut!!   Each one is different and such fun to play.  I am 57 now (almost 58) and never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible to learn so much. And, thanks to the fact that the harp is so beautiful to listen to, people actually enjoy listening to me practice!   Sylvia said it best in her web site: "if you want to learn, you can!!"  I am so glad I have started this journey. The years are going to pass anyway,  might as well make beautiful music along the way."
sale"Jeane's Favorite Products" sale
Save 15%


We are so grateful that Jeane was willing to share her favorites with the world, we let her reviews decide what we'd put on sale. 

The following favorite products by Jeane are on sale at  through September 4, 2012.  To get the 15% discount enter the code word jeane in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code". For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
 Adjustrite Musician's Chair 

Adjustrite Musician's Chair
This just may be the greatest musician's chair ever! The lightly padded seat can be set flat, or at a slight forward angle. The padded back gives you enough support to help you sit correctly, making it very comfortable. This chair folds up neatly and easily for convenient transport and storage!.


Product #8209s

Regular Price: $
Newsletter Sale Price: $145.31

Part of Jeane's review:
When I used this chair for the first time I was amazed at how much better my playing was!!   I was at the correct height, correct angle, and the comfort is wonderful.  
Color Rings for Levers or Tuning Pins   
Rubber Rings
Custom made in red & blue (or black), like the C and F strings, these small rubber rings are designed to slip onto your harp's tuning pins or Loveland lever handles. When used on the tuning pins they give you a color cue to assist you when tuning. When used on the sharping levers they provide a quick visual reference,


Product #830z

Regular Price: $
Newsletter Sale Price: $5.91

Part of Jeane's review:  
I also put them on my pedal harp and that has changed my life!!  No more standing there counting the tuning pins to figure out which is the right one.    
Groovy Songs of the 60s
Feelin' groovy? Sylvia Woods' spiffy collection of 40 songs from the 1960s will inspire you to put on your embroidered bell-bottoms and wear some flowers in your hair. Some of the pieces can be played by beginning harp players, but most are at advanced beginner to intermediate levels. 


Product #5960b

Regular Price: $
Newsletter Sale Price: $24.61

Part of Jeane's review:  
It has been wonderful to go through the book and see so many songs that I love.  Even if you didn't grow up with this music, you will enjoy playing these songs.  
Gecko Tails book & CD or PDF & mp3

Gecko Tails  
This suite of five original, whimsical compositions by Sylvia Woods was inspired by the cute little geckos that live in most of the houses of Hawaii. With their suction-cup toes, these symbols of good luck climb the walls and dance across the ceiling. The pieces are for intermediate harp players, and fingerings are included. There are no lever changes in the pieces.


 Product #5209s

Regular Price: $12.95

Newsletter Sale Price:

Part of Jeane's review:  
I absolutely love playing these songs. They are very fun and they add a new element of the modes to my music. My "Gecko Stroll" is somewhat of a "crawl," since I am still a beginner, but it is great fun to play.  
 Music Theory and Arranging book

Music Theory and Arranging Techniques
This book teaches folk harp players at any level the music theory and techniques they need to make their own arrangements. Subjects covered include chords, keys, inversions, trans-posing, accompaniment patterns, and much more. The book gives examples and includes over 90 pieces on which students can practice their newly gained skills as they progress.
Product #5934b

Regular Price: $19.95
Newsletter Sale Price: $16.96

Part of Jeane's review:  
I started to think that maybe music theory was just a bit too complex for me to understand.  I read though this book and I realized that it was just everyone else's explanations that were difficult!   
The Harp of Brandiswhiere book
or PDF download 

Harp of Brandiswhiere
This book is the companion to Sylvia Woods' recording of the Suite she composed for Celtic harp. It contains the full story of the legend, beautifully illustrated by English artist Steve Duglas. It also includes the written music of the suite, which can be played on lever or pedal harp,. For advanced harp players. All 11 pieces in sharp keys with no fingerings.


 Product #5213b

Regular Price: $14.95

Newsletter Sale Price:

Part of Jeane's review:  
This is such a beautiful story with music to match its many moods.  I am a beginner and I am still able to play these songs. Although I play them at my own pace, they sound absolutely beautiful.  The music is actually very intuitive to play.    
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