June 2012 
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Profiles in EXCEL-lence
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Profile in EXCEL-lence 

Agnes "Tee" Garcia, a resident of  Bayview Hunter's Point, is an intern with the spring 2012 cycle of the EXCEL program.  EXCEL provides San Francisco residents an opportunity to participate in a clerical skills training and internship experience in order to prepare them for today's competitive job market.  Tee worked in a variety of customer service positions prior to joining EXCEL, but this is her first exposure to a medical office environment. 


What were you doing before you got involved with the EXCEL program and how did you hear about it?   

Before the EXCEL program I was a volunteer for a Polynesian dance group and I attended an EXCEL orientation with a family friend.  She told me about the program and together we are currently in our internships with UCSF.  


Where are you interning and what do you do there?

I am currently interning at the UCSF Pain Management Center.  My duties vary from pulling charts, filing patient records, answering phone calls to checking in patients, performing insurance authorizations and data entry.  There's never a dull moment in the clinic for me. 


How would you describe the training and internship experience so far?

The classroom training at JVS teaches you about being professional, what it takes to be successful and staying determined to reach your goals.  I've learned and developed more skills during the first two months of my internship than I have at any of my previous jobs.  My experience is not over and I am eager to tackle the challenges that lay ahead!  


What are your career goals once you complete the EXCEL program?

Being in a new career field my options have become much broaderI plan to explore the administrative world and gain the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes.  I know that there are no limitations on where I can go now. 


What advice would you give to someone that is interested in entering the EXCEL program?  

This program provides guidance, support and opportunity to help you build your confidence.  If you are tired of facing closed doors and seeking a new opportunity then this program is for you.  It requires patience, determination, willingness and an investment of your time.  I see the difference it is making in my life and I know that it can do the same for others. 


For more information about the EXCEL program, please contact Damon Lew, assistant director, UCSF Community Relations, at dlew@cgr.ucsf.edu.



Progress Continues on the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay

The latest numbers show that during the months of March and April 2012, 19 percent (March) and 20 percent (April) of the total work hours on the construction of the one-of-a-kind UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay have been completed by San Francisco residents. Year-to-date from January through April 2012, 20 percent of the total work hours at the medical center have been performed by San Francisco residents.  


Through April 2012, the UCSF Medical Center Parking Garage project at Mission Bay achieved a rate of 26 percent of the total project work hours having been performed by San Francisco residents.  The parking garage project is scheduled for completion in the Summer 2012.   


These statistics reflect ongoing efforts toward a goal the University set of averaging at least 25 percent of the total work hours to be performed by local residents during calendar year 2012.


Community members interested in applying for UCSF construction employment opportunities should contact UCSF's partner, Mission Hiring Hall, at (415) 865-2105. A Submission of Ready, Able and Qualified Local Craftsperson form can also be downloaded on the  UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay website and submitted to mpenn@missionhiringhall.org.