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Manual Therapy For Pain Reliefneck manual PT
Manual therapy is an advanced level of physical therapy training that includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structures. Through movement testing and palpation, a diagnosis is formed and the ultimate source of pain is identified.

How Does it Work?

Manual therapy techniques help improve circulation and normalize mechanical function to maximize the body's own self healing potential. These techniques include mobilization/manipulation of joints, soft tissue, and neural structures, as well as stretching and specific therapeutic exercise. Once pain has been reduced and joint mobility improved, it is much easier for a patient to regain optimal and efficient movement patterns.

 manual knee

Although manual therapy has been a component of physical therapy since the inception of the profession, some PT practices may not frequently utilize it as part of their services.


The HARTZ PT Treatment Philosophy
The highly qualified treating staff at HARTZ PT incorporates hands-on, manual therapy techniques into their treatment approach in order to maximize rehabilitation outcomes. 


Megan Conklin, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) with HARTZ Physical Therapy, has recently been awarded designation as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) through the Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.


A graduate of University of Delaware with a  Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Megan has been with HARTZ Physical Therapy since February of 2007.


Megan Conklin,


"Manual therapy has always been an important component of my treating philosophy. My COMT training has greatly enhanced my skill set in this area. Using manual therapy allows my patients to see dramatic and immediate improvement of their symptoms."



Focus on Flexibility  
ladies stretching
Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints and muscles through their full range of motion. Staying flexible is a proven way to avoid injury and pain. The best way to achieve greater flexibility is by incorporating regular stretching into your routine. For more information on why stretching can help you and on how to stretch correctly click here.




"I have my quality of life back!" 


"I cannot say enough good things about Megan and HARTZ PT. You have succeeded in restoring my quality of life and for this I'll be eternally grateful."

~Dick W. 



Fall Blast


The 8th Annual

 Fall Blast 5-K

  Run/Walk  will be held on Saturday, October 8th

@ 9:00 AM

in Lititz.

 All proceeds

will benefit

Aaron's Acres.


 Click here for

more details or

to register today!



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