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6 Tips That Will Help You
Reach Your Running Goals
1. Follow the 10% Rule
Whether you're new to running or just getting back into the swing of things after a long winter, start slowly and work your way up. Increase your mileage by 10% each week. (New runners should start with very short distances). The 10% Rule is one of the most time-proven principles in running. Remember, the same rule applies to walkers!


2. Strength Train
Strength training increases muscular endurance & mass, builds bone density, and reduces the risk of injury. This is important for all runners,but especially for women. Strength training also becomes increasingly important as we age.


3.Cross Train
Cross-training exercises like swimming, cycling and stair climbing, are a good supplement to running.
They also give variety
to your exercise program and keep it exciting. Cross-training exercises will strengthen muscles
not normally used while running, which will ultimately improve your stride.


4. Stretch
Running StretchDuring periods of inactivity we lose some flexibility and range of motion. There has been much debate over whether stretching actually benefits runners. But the fact is a flexible body is more efficient, has a larger range of motion, is injured less, recovers quicker, and simply feels better. Runners should be aware of the difference between static and dynamic stretching and how both can affect performance. Click here to learn more.


5. Stay Properly Nourished
sports nutritionEat to run, don't run to eat! Familiarize yourself with the basic principles of good nutrition and make sure you're getting the right amounts of the primary nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water). For more information on how to stay properly nourished as you train click here.
6.Set Goals
Most runners find that training for a specific event
can be highly Reaching for Starsmotivating. So pick an event, register and enjoy the journey! Consider signing up for the HARTZ PT Fall Blast 5-K Run/Walk (you can find details in the column to the right).  Or check out other local runs on the Lancaster Road Runners Club site: Both the preparation for the race and the race itself will be rewarding and beneficial to our health. If you need help setting realistic running goals, click here for a running pace/goal time calculator. And don't be afraid to reach for the stars!

Don't Let Shin Splints Stop You

shin splints

"Shin splint" is a catch all term for lower leg pain caused by exertion.This is relatively common, causing 13% of all running injuries. Click here to learn about causes, prevention and treatment of shin splints.



PT Really IS Different at HARTZ!

Throughout the years, I've had my share of A-OKaches,
pains and injuries that have led me down a path to physical therapy. And I've been to various clinics in Lancaster County.  After my first visit to HARTZ, I can honestly say PT here is so much better than the other places I've been. The therapists use hands-on treatment and really know their stuff. I feel better than I have in years!

 ~Peter C.

"I can honestly say PT here
is so much better 
than the other places I've been."


running shoe cartoon


Looking for

One-On-One Expert Running Advice?


You can get it at
the HARTZ PT Running Clinic.
Let us help you achieve your goals! Click here 

to learn more. 







Fun Facts  


Studies have shown
that chocolate milk is

an excellent recovery beverage for runners.


There are 26 combined bones, ligaments,

 tendons and muscles in the human foot.


An average man has enough energy in his
fat stores to run

 non-stop for 3 days

at 15 miles per hour.


12 of the world's
top-20 distance
runners are members
of the Kalenjin tribe
of northwest Kenya.


 Athletes dressed in red
are more likely to win events than athletes wearing another color.

(Nature, 2005)








Drew headshot
Drew Nesbitt, DPT

"Being a physical therapist is rewarding because I love helping people be the best
they can be."



"Drew's running knowledge, combined with his physical therapy expertise, was just what I needed to get back into my running program after an injury."
~Gary B.











Save the Date 


Fall Blast


The 8th Annual

 Fall Blast 5-K

  Run/Walk  will be held on Saturday, October 8th

@ 9:00 AM

in Lititz.

 All proceeds

will benefit

Aaron's Acres.


 Click here for

more details or

to register today!


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