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May 30, 2012 | Vol. 7 | No. 22
treatCity Welcomes New Deputy City Manager: Noel Treat
Noel Treat, previously the Deputy Superintendent for the Seattle School District, has started his position as Mercer Island's new Deputy City Manager.
City Manager Rich Conrad says of Treat, "I am delighted that we were able to attract a candidate as capable and experienced as Noel.  He brings an exceptional background in public management and law that will be an outstanding fit for our organization. All of
Mercer Island Deputy City Manger, Noel Treat
his references agreed -- he is a man of great talents, high integrity and good humor. We all look forward to working with him." Treat replaces James Mason, who left the City in February for a job with Ventura, California.
Treat was one of five finalists for the Deputy City Manager position selected from a pool of 111 applicants. In addition to serving as Deputy Superintendent for the Seattle School District, Treat's experience also includes serving as Chief of Staff for King County Executive, Chief of Staff for Seattle City Light, Policy and Government Relations Officer for King County, Section Head for King County Prosecutor's Office, and a contract City Attorney for several Western Washington cities.
Treat, a Seattle resident, said he is excited to be joining the City of Mercer Island. "I am honored to have been selected and to join the City's top notch leadership team.  The Island is a special place and I look forward to serving its residents."
Treat can be reached at 206.275.7661 or
normsAlcohol and Drug Prevention Messages Highlight Positive Community Norms
The Mercer Island Communities That Care Coalition (MICTC) is a group of Island parents, youth, and professionals who work to prevent underage alcohol and drug use. For the past two years, MICTC has used social norms messages as part of their community education efforts. These messages highlight the existing healthy attitudes and behaviors of the majority of Island youth and parents concerning alcohol and drugs. However, unlike the "scare tactics" typically employed to keep kids off drugs, this campaign tends to generate more controversy, which is just what MICTC Project Coordinator Sharon Broz says it should do.
MICTC Poster Support Positive Parent Norms
Broz explains that the Positive Community Norms model is designed to "rub people the wrong way with the right information." That is, that on Mercer Island both youth and parents tend to exaggerate the amount of underage drinking and drug use that exists in the community. The MICTC messaging campaign challenges some of these myths, such as "every Island teen drinks," which had led some Islanders to question the data on display in schools and throughout the community.

MICTC's social norms efforts work by "busting the myths" about underage substance use on the Island. This clears the way for those positive behaviors which are actually in the majority to exert their influence. At Mercer Island High School, for example, students think that 60% more of their peers (2011, MOST Of Us Survey data) have used marijuana than actually have done so. So, if more youth understood that by choosing to say "no" to drugs and alcohol that they would be conforming with the majority of their peers, then more would do so and put themselves at lower risk.

MICTC welcomes community input and dialogue regarding its Positive Community Norms campaign and other efforts. For additional information, contact MICTC Project Director, Derek Franklin at 206.275.7745 or MICTC is project of the City's Department of Youth and Family Services.
mitsMercer Island Thrift Shop Recruiting Volunteers
The Mercer Island Thrift Shop (MITS) is recruiting both adult and youth volunteers to work a wide range of hours at their location at 7710 SE 34th Street in the Mercer Island Town Center.

"We are looking for volunteers who enjoy interacting with the
Mercer Island Thrift Shop
community and giving back," says MITS Coordinator Suzanne Philen. In addition to the retail experience and sense of community, volunteers also receive a store discount if they volunteer twelve or more hours each month.

MITS is a program of Mercer Island Youth and Family Services (MIYFS). All revenues generated go directly to pay for MIYFS services including counselors in the schools, senior services, individual and family counseling, emergency services, VOICE and SVP summer youth volunteer programs, drug and alcohol prevention and intervention, employment services and more.

Volunteering at MITS supports community sustainability as the vast majority of items sold are donated/recycled by Islanders.

To volunteer or for additional information, contact Philen at 206.275.7760 or by email at Click here for link to the MITS website.
solicitorsMonthly Safety Tip: Dealing with Solicitors

The crime tip for the month from the Mercer Island Police Department involves solicitors and how to safely deal with them when they call. The first step is to know the Mercer Island City Code (MICC) states that, "permitted solicitors and canvassers may operate within the city only between the hours of 10:00am and 8:00pm daily. It is unlawful to solicit or canvas within the city at any time other than during the hours set forth in this section." In addition to this it is important to know that solicitors may be asked to leave at any time, and if they refuse, Islanders are encouraged to call 911.


The second step is to know that solicitation and canvassing is prohibited when a notice forbidding it is posted (MICC 5.16.070).  Therefore the placement of a "No Trespassing" or "No Soliciting" sign in highly visible areas, such as at the end of the driveway or at the front door, should be sufficient in warning solicitors that they are not welcome.


Below are some specific tips on safely dealing with solicitors from Officer Rob Jira of the Mercer Island Police Department:

  • Know that it is not necessary to open the door for a solicitor; they may be addressed through a locked door.
  • If the door is opened for a solicitor, it is still OK to say "NO" if what is being offered is unnecessary or undesired.
  • When dealing with a solicitor, always remember that they are still a stranger--never inform a solicitor about the inhabitants of the home.
  • Be cautious of providing credit cards numbers, checks, and/or cash; it is important to know the company that the solicitor is representing and whether or not it is a legitimate business.
  • Be aware of new dishonest sales pitches; examples being "I live in this neighborhood" or "I know so-and-so down the street."
  • Always ask follow up questions and contact the people mentioned by the solicitor to ensure honesty before giving personal or financial information.
  • Never let a solicitor into the home.

Lastly, as a general rule when talking about safety, always keep doors locked and alarms (if available) activated in homes and vehicles. Do not leave anything of value (wallets, purses, laptop bags, etc.) in plain sight where someone might be tempted to break into a home or car.


For more information on crime prevention tips and ways to stay safe, see the Mercer Island Crime Prevention booklet.

ffiaNominations Being Accepted for Flash Family Inspirational Award
Department of Youth and Family Services Director Cynthia Goodwin is calling for nominations for the Flash Family Inspirational Award (FFIA). The FFIA honors a Mercer Island senior adult who exemplifies the spirit of good sportsmanship or community leadership and who possesses an optimistic attitude
Flash beside FFIA Winner Tonglao
and friendly demeanor while acting as a role model to others.

The award is open to any 55+ senior engaged in an Island activity or sport. Seniors may be nominated for their contributions to a sport or activity for efforts in the area of organizing, actively promoting, or participating.

Goodwin calls on Islanders to nominate a senior who deserves recognition for embodying the spirit of the FFIA. The recipient of the FFIA will receive the award at the Mercer Island Farmer's Market Senior Day and ride as one of the Hometown Heroes in the Summer Celebration! parade. Past recipients include Peter Tonglao, Ginny Rees, and Fran Hall.

Deadline for submissions is June 15. Nominations can be submitted to Goodwin via email at or by mail:

Attn: Cindy Goodwin
2040 84th Ave. SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Questions can be directed to Goodwin at 206.275.7749.

For questions and comments on the MI Weekly, contact Assistant City Manager Glenn Boettcher at or 206.275.7661.