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News from the Pacific Rim InstituteApril 2011

Join us this weekend!
Rain or Shine
MAY 7, 2011


11:30am - 3pm

Reply to this email NOW to reserve your tickets!

You can also buy tickets at the door.  Registration and food end at 1pm. 

Continuing Education This Summer!
Adults working on prairie
See our website for class descriptions, costs, and credit information. 


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Vans For Sale
Red Mini Van
Fifteen Passanger Vans

We are selling three vans:  Two 15-passanger vans and one mini-van.


Please call  

(360) 678-5586  

or reply to this email. 

Posts and Chicken Wire available

chicken wire
Suggested Donation
Doug Fir Posts: $4
Used Chicken Wire:  $0.15/ft
Cedar Split Rails: $10 


Rent our Facilities

Party/Dining Room

Dining/Party Room



India Room




For availability, call

(360) 678-5586

Download our Rental Form or visit our website for more info.  


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A few highlights to take note of:
1. Picnic on the Prairie - THIS SATURDAY!
2. Volunteers Needed! See projects below
3. Three short courses this summer for teachers or interested community members.

The prairie is blooming so stop by soon!

Robert, Holly, Seth, Mary & Caitlin

We need your help!

Roemer's Fescue

As we mentioned in our announcement last week, we need your help planting! We have 15,000 grasses and wildflowers in our greenhouse ready to go in the ground.  If you can spare any time in the next two weeks, please give us a call or reply to this email and let us know when you can come.


(360) 678-5586


Research AssistanceResearch

There is currently a multi-year research project on our site with the University of Washington focusing on restoration of critical habitat for four rare butterflies as well as the rare Golden paintbrush. Volunteers are needed every Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 3pm beginning May 11 through June 2. Volunteers will assist a lead monitor with counting and recording.  No previous experience necessary.  Please let us know if and when you can help!  Great opportunity for returning college students to get field research experience.


(360) 678-5586


April Happenings

Robert in Belize  Robert Belize

For a week in April, Robert traveled to Belize to teach an "Introduction to Sustainable Development" class for Creation Care Study Program.  As many of you know, for 20 years before coming to Whidbey Island Robert traveled the world.  We like to get him out every once and a while to keep his energy going and to enhance and refresh his knowledge for our own "Sustainable Development and Ecological Sustainability" course. 


Fence posts and chicken wire FLYING off the prairie!

The Morris Road perimeter fencing has all been taken down!This fencing will be replaced by hedgerow consisting of Oregon grape, Nootka rose, and Snowberry.  Eventually we will take down all perimeter fencing and replace with hedgerow.  


Many people have stopped by to get chicken wire and fence posts.  Thank you so much for your donations and for putting these materials to good use!



Stations of the Cross

The Journey Begins - Carol Snoble
"The Journey Begins"
Carol Snoble, Coupeville

Last week, Christ the King Church hosted a Stations of the Cross exhibit here at PRI.  The exhibit consisted of mixed media art and poetry representing the different 'stations' of Christ's life.  All pieces were provided by local Whidbey artists. 




Navy News

We are still in negotiations with the Navy regarding an easement on the property.  We will let you know as soon as we have more information.  

Continuing Education courses THIS SUMMERAdults working on prairie

These courses are open to teachers for credit through Seattle Pacific University as well as to community members who wish to expand their knowledge of Puget Sound ecosystems.  Each course is only 2 days long!  For class descriptions and logistics

see our website.  




In the month of April we had 5 new donors join the community of PRI supporters.  Welcome and thank you!  And to our faithful supporters - none of this would be happening without you!  


We are currently working on more methods for supporting the Pacific Rim Institute.  Look for announcements in the near future! 


brush mower
Special Donation Need
Last month we received a grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation in the amount of $2,500 to purchase a brush mower.  The total cost, however, will be $3,500.  We are looking for someone to match this grant with an additional $1,000.  This means that each dollar of your gift will be matched with $2.50.  This unit will equip us to effectively manage shrubs in our prairie remnant, hedgerows maintained for wildlife, fence lines, and savanna sites where Garry oak tress restrict the use of a tractor mower. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please see our website for information on how to donate or call us at (360) 678-5586.


Joe Sheldon with Students 2010

Join our Efforts
The Pacific Rim Institute equips people and organizations with the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to transform their communities toward more sustainable living.  We pursue this vision through our mission of preservation & restoration of native habitats, practical research on restoration best practices, environmental education, and service to the community.

Please consider supporting us in this mission by making a donation.  You can donate online here or you can send a check made out to Pacific Rim Institute to 180 Parker Road, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Contact us if you would like to discuss particular projects that you can support.