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News from the Pacific Rim InstituteFebruary 2011

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MAY 7, 2011


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Continuing Education This Summer!
Adults working on prairie
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Red Mini Van
Fifteen Passanger Vans

We are selling three vans:  Two 15-passanger vans and one mini-van.


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Posts and Chicken Wire available

chicken wire
Suggested Donation
Doug Fir Posts: $4
Used Chicken Wire:  $0.15/ft
Cedar Split Rails: $10 


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The Barn Owls are back!Barn owls March 2011

Five young are in our owl barn nest and appear to be doing well on a diet of recently returned voles. The young are already quite large and will soon be fledging.  Trail walkers might see them learning to hunt in the dawn and dusk hours. 

March Happenings

Board of Trustees at PRI   

PRI Board of Trustees members converged on Tuesday, March 22, at the Pacific Rim Institute to make some important decisions regarding the future of PRI.  Three main focuses included new fundraising strategies, the desire for additional board members, and contingency plans regarding pending news from the US Navy on easement funds.  Good progress was made, but it continues to be apparent that there is still MUCH to be done.


2 Grants Received! Golden paintbrush

The BIG news this month is that two of our proposals have been approved.  The first is our third grant from the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program through the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  This allows us to continue removing fencing, establishing hedgerow for habitat, and restoring native plants to the prairie.  Keep a look out for another volunteer work day to get a move on some of these projects.  


Second, our proposal to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for funds to create a Habitat Management Plan for our prairie site has been APPROVED IN FULL!  This grant will allow us to create a plan for the future management of this property.  The project will be led by Dr. Peter Dunwiddie of the University of Washington and will include components to protect the endangered Golden paintbrush (pictured) and several rare butterfly species.  This will also equip us to significantly expand our propagation of native plants. 



St. Labre joins us from Montana 

Our annual visit from the St. Labre Indian School juniors brought life to PRI for a weekend in March.  22 juniors accompanied by six chaperones embarked on many adventures here in the Northwest exploring our ecosystems.  We spent a day showing them around our prairie and sharing the significant relationship between the work we are doing and the history of the prairie with First Nation caretakers.  



National Park Service (NPS) donates Stuewe TubesCriag Holmquist

Craig Holmquist dropped of 3,234 stuewe planting tubes this month.  These are the containers that we use to grow out native plants for prairie expansion both on our property and on other prairies in the region with NPS and others.  This donation will be a huge help as we expand our plant propagation this summer.



Continuing Education courses THIS SUMMERAdults working on prairie

This month we finalized our three Continuing Education courses to be offered this summer.  These courses are open to teachers for credit through Seattle Pacific University as well as to community members who wish to expand their knowledge of Puget Sound ecosystems.  For class descriptions and logistics see our website.  




200 volunteer hours were contributed in March.  Thank you so much!  We and the non-human creation are blessed by you.




In the month of March we had two completely new donors join the community of PRI supporters.  Welcome and thank you!  And to our faithful supporters - none of this would be happening without you!  



brush mower
Special Donation Need
Last month we received a grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation in the amount of $2,500 to purchase a brush mower.  The total cost, however, will be $3,500.  We are looking for someone to match this grant with an additional $1,000.  This means that each dollar of your gift will be matched with $2.50.  This unit will equip us to effectively manage shrubs in our prairie remnant, hedgerows maintained for wildlife, fence lines, and savanna sites where Garry oak tress restrict the use of a tractor mower. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please see our website for information on how to donate or call us at (360) 678-5586.


April Rentals - Pay per Half Hour!

We enjoyed our March promotion so much that we decided to have an April one too!  For April, all rentals will be on an hourly basis.  Instead of paying for a 4-hour time slot, you can pay by the half-hour.   Available for meetings, presentations, parties and other events. Tables and chairs available and plenty of parking.


April Price:

Large Rooms: $10/half hour

Classroom: $5/half hour   


Usual Price:

$80 for 4 hours, $10 each additional hour


For availability, please call (360) 678-5586

Joe Sheldon with Students 2010

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The Pacific Rim Institute equips people and organizations with the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to transform their communities toward more sustainable living.  We pursue this vision through our mission of preservation & restoration of native habitats, practical research on restoration best practices, environmental education, and service to the community.

Please consider supporting us in this mission by making a donation.  You can donate online here or you can send a check made out to Pacific Rim Institute to 180 Parker Road, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Contact us if you would like to discuss particular projects that you can support.