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News from the Pacific Rim InstituteFebruary 2011

MAY 7, 2011



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Robert on the Radio
Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Rim Institute, Robert K. Pelant, was recently interviewed on the local radio station KWPA by Gwen Sam.
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We are selling three vans:  Two 15-passanger vans and one mini-van.


Please call  

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or reply to this email. 

Posts and Chicken Wire FOR SALE

chicken wire
Doug Fir Posts: $4
Used Chicken Wire:  $0.15/ft
Cedar Split Rails: $10


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Snow is on the ground as I write this letter. A quiet, rural snow spotted with footprints of walkers and wildlife.  

 prairie under snow

With its crusty, white icing, the prairie looks like any other open field.  There is nothing to clue you in to the nature of the seeds that are below the frozen surface hibernating. They close themselves off to all life and wait for the ground to soften and warm.  Then, sprouts will begin to break the surface and before long the prairie will be an ocean of blues, yellows, and purples.   


I love spring - I think we all love spring.  As we wait for the bloom, however, there is still lots to be done.  There are programs to be planned, buildings to be cared for, and creative solutions to our financial sustainability to be put in place.  All of these tasks are impacted by the advice and support that you all share with us.    


Perhaps over this next month, If you are local, stop by sometime to walk the trails and say hello.  We want to know our supporters better so that we move forward with a shared vision.  If you do not live nearby, please give us a call.  We have spoken with many of you over the phone and in person over the past year - but many of you are currently only a name or an email address.  Hearing from you brings us much inspiration, so please don't be shy - and don't be surprised if we come calling as well :)


Please consider making a gift in the month of March, and don't forget us as you do your spring cleaning.  View our Gifts In-Kind needs and give us a call. 


May you find adventure in the remains of winter,



Holly M. Kress

Resource Development Officer

Pacific Rim Institute 



February Happenings

Prairie Work Day  

8 volunteers and staff came out on a beautiful Saturday morning to remove over 1600 feet of fencing and sub-fencing.  With a total of 25 man hours contributed, PRI staff was saved at least $375 worth of time and labor.  Thank you so much for helping us improve wildlife habitat and open space! 

Feb 19 2011 work Day 1  

 Feb 19 2011 work day 2











Research at PRI   

 The University of Washington has been using our Smith Prairie site to collect data for an international research initiative known as the Nutrient Network.  Dr. Jon Bakker, a professor at University of Washington and volunteer and supporter at PRI, recently sent us some exciting news in regards to data collected from our site and others.  You can read more about what the data has revealed about invasive species here and here.    












Grant Received! 

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation has awarded us $2,500 towards a brush mower.  Though our original request included a few additional restoration tools, we are very grateful for their generosity and support.




193 volunteer hours were contributed in February, bringing our 2011 total to 279!  Thank you so much!  We are incredibly blessed by your work.  




In the month of February, we had 2 completely new donors join the community of PRI supporters.  Welcome and thank you!  And to our faithful monthly supporters - your generosity inspires us every day. 

50% off
March - Month of Meetings

Due to high availability for our facilities in the month of March, we are issuing a special promotion.  The Auditorium and the Dining/Party Room will be available at 50% off from March 6-31, 2011. 

Available for meetings, presentations, parties and other events. Tables and chairs available and plenty of parking.


March Price:

$40 for 4 hours, $5 each additional hour  


Usual Price:

$80 for 4 hours, $10 each additional hour


For availability, please call (360) 678-5586

Joe Sheldon with Students 2010

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The Pacific Rim Institute equips people and organizations with the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to transform their communities toward more sustainable living.  We pursue this vision through our mission of preservation & restoration of native habitats, practical research on restoration best practices, environmental education, and service to the community.

Please consider supporting us in this mission by making a donation.  You can donate online here or you can send a check made out to Pacific Rim Institute to 180 Parker Road, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Contact us if you would like to discuss particular projects that you can support.