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Don Moen title has been updated from "Hope of Christmas" to "Christmas: A Season of Hope" (in:cite media, CD UPC 878207009627) (10/22 street date)          


Never Surrender (Foreshadow Productions, DVD UPC 010315933993) street date moves from 9/18 street date to 9/11 street date


Jonathan Thulin The White Room  (Dream Records, CD UPC 616983798089) street date has changed from 10/9 street date to 10/22 street date.                         


Highland Worship Place Of Freedom  (in:ciite Media, CD UPC 878207009320) moves from 9/18 street date to 9/25 street date


Jim Bakker with Ken Abraham The Dragon, a Woman & Child  (Worthy Publishing, BOOK ISBN: 9781617950858) in-store date has changed from 10/23 in-store date to 1/15/2013 in-store date.


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