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October 2009 
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OptiPromotion: Enhance Your Knowledge of X4
Info About Technology Open House and Steak-Out
Bausch and Lomb Praises Mastercam
Harness the Power of Mastercam Solids

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5th annual Technology Open House and Steak-Out on October 21st and 22nd from 10 AM to 7 PM.  

Because OptiPro Systems has so much information to share regarding Mastercam, we have decided to split up "Machines and Mastercam Ultra-News" into two separate newsletters. Mastercam Ultra-News will highlight important news and events pertaining to Mastercam software, since OptiPro has been an authorized distributor and certified training facility of the product since 1982. If, for any reason, you would like to stop receiving this monthly newsletter, feel free to unsubscribe by clicking on the "SafeUnsubscribe" link at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as OptiPro strives to provide you with the most current and exciting information regarding Mastercam.
AccuteX EDM                                       Mastercam X4
Save $150 When You Sign Up For Mastercam X4 Group Training Class! 
Course Title: Mastercam Mill Beginner - Group Class
Description: This class starts with the basic concepts of Mastercam and progresses to Geometry definition and 2D Toolpaths.The class will begin with lecture-discussion on the fundamentals of how the system operates and the user interface. It then progresses to geometry definition and NC Toolpath generation.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows® and CNC machining experience helpful
Duration: 2 Days
Cost: $300 per person for the 2-day course (Originally $450)
Class Hours: All classes begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.
Location: Training at OptiPro Systems
Here's what one of our Mastercam customers had to say about OptiPro's training class:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at OptiPro, especially the instructor, Vince Cannarozzo. I found the Mastercam Mill training class very informative, the facility and all accommodations very professional. I'm looking forward to my next training class."
Sandro Belpanno
Davenport Machine, Inc.
To sign up, please call (585) 265-0160, or email Lynda Bechtold ( We hope to see you there!
OptiPro Systems Technology Open House and Steak-Out Back By Popular Demand    
The 5th annual Technology Open House and Steak-Out will take placeTechnology Open House and Steak-Out on October 21st and 22nd from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Highlights from this event will include presentations of Mastercam's newest software, X4. In addition, live demonstrations of machine tools, including DMG, Hurco, Yama Seiki, and Ares-Seiki will be cutting chips.
New this year, OptiPro is planning technical presentations from Sandvik, DMG, Hurco, and Mastercam. Watch for an additional email regarding more details, times, and sign-ups.
For more information, send emails to Lynda Bechtold ( or call 585-265-0160 ext. 236.
OptiPro Systems
Bausch and Lomb Emphasizes Yearly Updates, Local Support as Reasons to Go With Mastercam
Bausch and Lomb is dedicated to "perfecting vision and enhancing life." In order to achieve this goal, only the best CAD/CAM software can be used in conjunction with their machines. 15 years ago, Bausch and Lomb decided to make the switch to Mastercam and 15 years later, their satisfaction with the product is as high as ever.
We interviewed John DeMarco, Toolmaker at Bausch and Lomb, about Mastercam and how it has helped their optical manufacturing. When asked what he liked about Mastercam, Mr. DeMarco said, "One of the big things is that it's keeping up with the industry and our engineering software, like SolidWorks."
He went on to praise the support he is able to receive from OptiPro, a certified Mastercam training facility. Said Mr. DeMarco, "The biggest thing I like, frankly, is the support structure. We've called Chris (Mastercam technician at OptiPro) up with several really funky things that needed to occur and even if we don't fully understand how it occurred, we were able to make it work. The local support has been huge."
Mr. DeMarco concluded the interview by stressing the importance of high school students aspiring to become tool makers to learn Mastercam as soon as possible. "It only makes sense to learn on the most abundant software. Anybody in the industry that's going to hire somebody looks to see if they know Mastercam. For example, back in the day I knew a different type of software. Today, they would scratch their head and wonder what it was. We still have that one seat of mill lathe (with the other software) and it's just sitting there collecting dust. We stopped maintenance and everything on that software after one year of Mastercam."
To learn more about Bausch and Lomb or Mastercam, visit their websites at or
OptiPro Systems Harness the Power of Mastercam Solids
Harness the power of Mastercam Solids. Read a Solid Model in from your favorite CAD system and add the supporting features you need to cut the part with Mastercam. Or, use Mastercam Solids to create your solid models for machining.
Solid Machining Made Easy
Mastercam Solids is a fully integrated add-on to Mastercam CAD/CAM products. When combined with Mastercam Mill, Mastercam Solids gives you the ideal way to machine your solid models. Import, create, and program your solids in the same easy-to-use interface, with full access to all Mastercam's powerful programming tools.

Mastercam Solids

Open Access to Solid Models
  • Import Parasolids®, SAT and Inventor™ files as solids, surfaces and/or wireframe
  • Export Parasolids® and SAT files
  • Open SolidWorks® and SolidEdge® files directly, and even import history trees using the free Mastercam Direct links

Part Management and Detailing

  • Solids Manager for efficient operation tracking, reordering, and editing
  • Data including volume, surface area, and center of gravity
  • Automatic multiple view solids layout with hidden lines
  • Point and click dimensioning as easy as wire frame
**Watch for more information regarding our Technology Open House and Steak-Out...**

OptiPro Systems
"Authorized Mastercam distributor and certified training facility since 1982"