"Ania's Color For Your Day" 
The kite before ascending.


On the morning of last Friday 
 I went with 9 friends to a day trip to Table Mountain [CA].
The Springy Day was perfect  for a visit to mama nature.
As we arrived we were welcomed by amazing
 yellow and purple carpets that covered the Table all along it's 4 corners. 
 Table mountain flower carpets

Unseen clouds of fragrance accompanied us
along the unpaved path that we walked on.
We needed to Be cautious and sometimes look down while walking.
Little rocks were hidden between the flowers. 
 Like thorns of the Rose.
Attention! hidden rocks.
 The deeper we went, the more flowers and colors were revealed to us.
 We ate lunch after a few Nay sounds [that I played]  that spread all over the space around us.
Water is grace. 
Flying the kite, as the ending of this wonderful trip,
was truly emotional 4 all of us.
It was the kite [12 years ago]  that called me to come up
and look at the woman who's holding it.
 Ohashi Train kite
"The begining of spiritual awakening is by inspiration that comes from the Creator. Only than, when you are already on the Path, starts the real work. Continue in your way and inspiration will come out of your inner high self."
Rabbi Nachman from Braslev.