Could Have Been Your Hero...                           June 16, 2012

"Oh, I should have been your hero. Your childhood superstar.
I should have been your hero. 'Cos that's what daddies are.
I should have been your hero - but I let you slip away."
                                                          -Chris Jackman and Cordell Langeland

That's the chorus from "I Should Have Been Your Hero"... a song written by Christine Jackman and Cordell Langeland for The Choice CD. If you've never heard it, I highly suggest you take a listen: Should Have Been Your HeroIt'll leave an imprint, no doubt!


Father's Day is tomorrow. A day we celebrate with our beloved Dads and Grandfathers. A day of sports and their favorite meal. Maybe a gift: a new tool, television, coupon book for car washings or foot massages. We honor and cherish these very special men in our lives because they are, our HEROES!
On this day each year, I think of my amazing and beloved father John; my birth father Jack; Davis' dad Randy and the fathers of my children in Heaven. I think of my brother, who is an splendid father to four adorable, creative and life changing kids. My cousin and uncle cross my mind, as well as my favorite Papa and Grandfather.
Fathers, in my opinion, have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. If you have time, here's a link to a fathers' job description we posted in 2010 - it'll make you giggle.
On Father's Day... we tend to forget that men often ache from the loss of the unborn, just as women due. Tomorrow there will be men that miss their children due to miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion. They may be estranged or their child may have been placed for adoption. They may grieve for their son that might have been the soccer star or famous musician. They miss the opportunity to have father/daughter dates or walk their daughter down the aisle. The loss of the unborn leaves holes in our lives, no matter our gender.


We as a society do not acknowledge the ripple effect left on men. The constant message from the media is that reproductive loss is a "woman's issue"! Yet, as we firmly state, here at ARIN... It's a family issue! 
I wish I could share the hundreds of conversations that I have had with men regarding the pain they live with each day knowing that they might have been the hero to their child in Heaven or missing from their day to day lives.


On Sunday... take a moment of silence and remember these special Dad's across the globe. If appropriate for you, say a prayer for them and for their families. 

For those of you who are missing sons and daughters... There may be a large gap in your heart. We are sorry for your loss. We value and treasure your children and pray that you too, will honor their lives. 

Thanks again to the millions of fathers across our nation, and beyond, who are so significant in the lives of children everywhere! 
You may not wear a cape, tights and a mask... but you are truly are a HERO to us all! 

Happy Father's Day to ALL Fathers! 


Especially our "Papa"... we love you Daddy!


Stacy Massey   

President / Founding Partner

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