As Close As Your Phone...

I love technology! Used properly it truly is a blessing in our world.  


Here's a great example...


How many times have you been at a conference but left your program guide in your hotel room? You want to know what time the next speaker is presenting but don't have time to go back to your hotel room to grab your book. Humbly I have to admit this has happened to me personally.
But not for the Abortion Recovery SHARE Symposium! All you'll have to do is check your phone!   

Thanks to Guidebook! You may improve your experience by taking our topic schedule, speaker list, Crew bios, event and location maps with you on your phone or mobile device. See the SHARE Symposium information right at the tip of your finger. 


Our event schedule is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and other web-enabled devices COMPLETELY FREE!


All you need to do is download the Guidebook application. You can do that from the QR image (if you have a QR reader), download the guide, search for SHARE Symposium 2012.
Or if you wish to read a bit more of how things work with Guidebook...take a sneak peak here:    






July's event is truly Divinely blessed!


We have some amazing Come Aboard Partners who are supporting the Symposium, collaborating efforts and promoting an environment of unity! 


Other international associations have notified their centers and offered support to our efforts: Heartbeat International, CareNet and Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS).


Awareness organizations, authors, other Abortion Recovery Programs, web designers, fundraising specialists, vocal artists ... ALL working together ... united in mission, cohesive in nature and following the Lord's course in this amazing Kingdom Assignment we call recovery. 

Here's a link to our just some of our many Partners:

Come Aboard Partners

There's still time to add your name to our Partner list for the upcoming event. Information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website.



Less then two weeks remain before registrations fees are increase to a "late registration" structure. Grab your team, contact your colleagues, notify your friends ... We'd love to see you there. Registration link is below!




If you should have any questions, feel free to give us a ring. After all, we are as close as your phone!


Can't wait to chat, 


Stacy Massey   

President / Founding Partner 

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc

Many ARIN Affiliates have not yet updated their
Affiliate Information for 2012.    


If you have yet to do this,
please feel free to visit our website through this link: 




and update your contact information by June 20th!   


Membership expiration dates are listed following the
Abortion Recovery Leader's name in our CARE Directory


If you have questions regarding your membership,   

please feel free to email us at:


Symposium website: SHARE Symposium 



Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) is a Christian association  

helping to restore lives and relationships after abortion.


         We Are...
  • Encouraging and Extending healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion.
  • Enlightening society on the affects of abortion on individuals and families
  • Educating others through continued education, conferences and specialized training and awareness opportunities.
  • Establishing and Equipping a world-wide association of Abortion Recovery CARE* Centers/Teams united in mission, cohesive in nature and similar in practice.   *Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts



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