"What Do You Expect?" ~ "I'm Going to Hell"!


 "I haven't been trained for this line of ministry. And even if we had, I couldn't offer these type of services, abortion is too close to home!"  - Pastor @ AACC Conference
"I killed 15-25 of my own children. I'm going to hell!" - Sidewalk Counselor 


Someone asked me the other day what I expect from Pro-Life Christians. They were personally frustrated as pastors were not "jumping on board" to preach to their congregations about the importance of "life"!  They were confused and angry, and understandably so. This individual had been given the Kingdom Assignment to lovingly educate others about the ramifications of abortion.


My response, I think, rather surprised them. 

"Consider this," I said, "we don't ask an active alcoholic to share about sobriety. We don't ask a using drug addict to speak on "being clean". Yet we expect churches to preach on abortion... when quite often, the clergy / pastor / church leadership may have abortions in their own pasts. I believe, we need to approach Christian / Church leaders with a message and opportunity for healing before we can expect them to present a topic they still may be wounded from themselves."
Why did I respond this way? Because of a personal experience...

Years ago when we started doing ministry work in Southern California, we approached numerous churches in our area. One of the mega churches wouldn't get "on board" (to host Abortion Recovery Support Groups)... because their Care Pastor had driven a young girl for abortion while in high school. He was an amazing pastor... promoted recovery in every other sense of the word.  But couldn't wrap his head around the abortion issue. His own personal wounds got in the way of ministering to others. 

A few years later, ARIN and a large group of our Affiliates were involved in a conference with American Association of Christian Counselors. Thousands of professional therapists and pastors were in attendance. After speaking to them in our workshops as well as in our exhibit booth... we heard the same linear statement, "I haven't been trained for this line of ministry. And even if we had, I couldn't offer these type of services, abortion is too close to home!"   


Most recently we found ourselves on the sidewalk outside the abortion clinic where I lost my first son Dylan to abortion. As we approached the driveway, there was a middle-aged woman dressed as Satan waving plastic baby dolls in the air. The dolls were stripped naked and had been dipped in red paint. She was screaming at the pregnant girls, boyfriends and families that were entering the clinic. I have to humbly admit, I questioned the Father. "Lord", I said, "Seriously? Is she why I'm here?"  Sidewalk counseling is not my calling. I stood at the exit of the clinic praying fervently on how to address this mock satan, as I  handed out ARIN's post-abortion materials to the cars as they left.  "Sandy" and I finally spoke. "I killed 15-25 of my own children", she quietly said, "I've lost count. I'm going to hell!"


Ladies and gentlemen, these are the stories of our leaders. We have Christians in the Church and Pro-Life Movement who are so wounded by abortion, you can see it in their eyes, hear it in their words and watch it in their actions. The woman, who claims to be healed and yet "doesn't need to validate or name" her children. The man who makes sign after sign and stands outside the clinic, but can't look himself in the mirror. The pastor who drove his sister to the clinic or the non-profit exec who wrote the check. All of them, great advocates for the unborn.


Yet, these Life Warriors continue to be called to speak, share their testimony, lead large non profit organizations... ministering to others, yet wounded beyond their own comprehension. Why do we allow this? Why don't we make it a requirement to heal our leadership before putting them in front of others that are wounded? 


So, what do I expect from Pro-Life Christians? I want us to be smart and able to conceive and achieve. I want us to think outside of the box and grow beyond what may "be the norm" right now.  I want us to stretch ourselves, debate the topics, discuss the options and explore the thoughts of others. I want us to listen and participate with each other. I want us to work together, link arms and quit allowing the enemy to divide us! 


RECOVERY is the most important thing you can offer a Pro-Life Christian who's been impacted by abortion. Not just directly, but indirectly!  I want ALL of us to be healed from the pain of abortion!


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Recovery In Him,

Stacy Massey

President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. 

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