Make A Stand ~ Take A Seat!


October Baby continues to knock the socks off everyone who sees it. I had a girlfriend contact me today... she seemed distraught as the movie was leaving her local theater and she had not yet had a chance to see it.

The "buzz" is making people turn around and take notice. NARAL is even collecting signatures against the movie. What does that tell ya? Yup... the Erwin brothers are working for the Kingdom and doing a bang-up job. 

Heartbeat International is encouraging all of us to add our signatures to their "thank you" letter to Sony and Provident Films. Abortion Recovery InterNational would encourage you to sign Heaertbeat's letter. Here's the link: Heartbeat's letter to Sony


Personally, I think the best way to "make a stand" is for everyone to "take a seat"!

Encourage EVERYONE you know to visit a theater and see this amazing film. Take your kids, friends and church congregation. Fly your relatives out to go with you! Kidding... but you can forward them this email, so they can find a theater near them.


Here's the link to the new theaters opening this weekend:




October Baby has continued to leave imprints on the hearts of those hurting... the calls to our CARE Line and online hits to our CARE Directory have increased profusely since the movie's launch in March. Our Affiliates are receiving calls and starting recovery/support groups across the country just to accomodate the people phoning in.

It's not too late to join our efforts. If you provide post-abortion support, join ARIN so that we can assist those impacted emotionally and psychologically from an abortion experience: Join ARIN


Bottom line: Don't miss the next wave of this fantastic film, click the link, find a theater and grab your popcorn! We promise to turn our cell phones off during the film <wink>.


Whispering Success Throughout the Theater,

Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner 
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. 



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