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"Thank goodness there are organizations like this one. I was having nightmares, drinking and doing drugs and truly ready to end my own life... when I found the CARE Directory. Your staff matched me up with an Abortion Recovery Specialist in my neighborhood who helped me through the recovery process. I'm so glad I called that night so many months ago. I don't think I'd be alive today, if I had not taken that next step. Thank you for doing what you do!"   ~ Eva



Abortion Recovery InterNational offers the "next step" to the many women and men who call our CARE Line each day. Now we are taking the next step in other areas of the ministry. The next step to help those hurting, the next step to assist our Affiliates and the next step to train up leaders around the globe. We're moving forward, one step at a time!    Want us join us for the journey? 


After recovery options at:


A revised step for our website Recovery Encore 

Recovery Encore is up and people are visiting the website everyday. Our Recovery Encore brochures are being purchased and distributed to "graduates" of Abortion Recovery Programs. We're excited to see those healed from the emotional and psychological impact of abortion taking the "next step" in their healing process.     



New resources at: arinstore.or

A new step... The ARIN Abortion Recovery Resource Store.

We're excited to share our awareness products for Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, on our new store site..but also to highlight new products and resources. We've even included products designed and offered by our Affiliates, like the new book "Up from the Ashes" by Jennifer Disney.

What a great way new way to connect and unite the healing movement! We'll be glad to share your resources with other affiliates. Only requirement is that your membership with ARIN is active and that your product meets our Principles of CARE guidelines.  



Secure your spot now at:


A continual step toward the SHARE Symposium

Our early-bird registration has been extended through April in honor of Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. You can see the amazing schedule of speakers and facilitators by clicking the link and checking out the website. Over the past week, we've even scheduled some surprise guests!

Because of the location and venue, this will not be a conference with hundreds of attendees. Spaces are being offered to those who first register. So, if you're planning on attending... don't wait until the last minute... make your reservations now!
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts. We're excited and empowered for the rest of 2012!  See you in July!
Stepping Out for Christ,
Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

 SHARE Symposium 2012 ~ July 16-18th in Long Beach, CA.  


More information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website. 


ARIN in new colors, long name  

Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) is a Christian association of peer and professional counselors

helping to restore lives and relationships after abortion.


         We Are...
  • Encouraging and Extending healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion.
  • Enlightening society on the affects of abortion on individuals and families
  • Educating others through continued education, conferences and specialized training and awareness opportunities.
  • Establishing and Equipping a world-wide association of Abortion Recovery CARE* Centers/Teams united in mission, cohesive in nature and similar in practice.   *Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts



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