Over 20 Million Individuals, Who Have Personally Experienced Abortion, May See October Baby!


October Baby launches in theaters around the globe in about a week. HOW EXCITING! After seeing this movie numerous times, I am still in awe of the script God wrote and how impactful it will be to those seeing it. 


We started pondering the other day, just how many individuals, who have personal experienced an abortion, might actually view the film.


In 2011 there were 943,412,795 movie tickets sold for movies (not rated G or PG) in the United States. That's an average of 78,617,732 per month. By using the tickets sold for ratings that teens and adults often frequent (PG 13, R, NC 17), we can get a guesstimation of how many abortion effected individuals may actually see October Baby. 


Using known statistics, if one in three (or one in four) individuals have been impacted by an abortion choice, that means that approximately
19,654,433 - 26,205,910 individuals who have experienced a past abortion may see October Baby EACH MONTH


So what does this mean? 


It means that if you have an Abortion Recovery Leader in your pregnancy center, medical clinic, therapy office, church, or other agency... the Lord may be calling them to help those triggered by the film. 

The ARIN CARE Directory and CARE Line are listed on the October Baby website as a resource for "immediate help"!  We're asking for you to step up to this call for action. 

If your agency provides after abortion assistance, we'd like you to complete this short form, so that we may add you as an additional temporary resource for those contacting us through the October Baby website. 


We are in hopes that this step will help to expand resources to those hurting during the key launch months of the film.


We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to restoring lives and relationships for those impacted by abortion.


Click here if you'd be honored to HELP those hurting!


May our Great Physician touch the hearts of those impacted by October Baby and may He lead them to you to help them walk in their journey of healing.

Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner 
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. 



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