Who Will You Empower?

1 Samuel 16:13 The Message (MSG)

Samuel took his flask of oil and anointed him, with his brothers standing around watching. The Spirit of God entered David like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life.

Twenty-one years ago today, I gave my precious daughter (Dorothy "Dory" Kalani) back to the Lord. As a victim of non-consensual sex, I thought I had no "other choice." My pro-choice, quickly became a poor choice. One I have regretted my entire life.

Then, someone empowered me to ask God for help! 


A loving and compassionate Christian woman, by the name of Janet, offered assistance even though she'd never experienced an abortion herself. It was as if Christ spoke through her, saying... "Stacy, I'll set you free from the years of pain, guilt and grief, if you'll let Me!" God gave me a vision that night of a stop watch, with the hands straight up. As an avid racing sailor I knew that meant I should be crossing the starting line. My course for healing had begun!


Janet's effort changed my life, my family, my salvation and impacted my earthly Kingdom Assignment! I will never be able to repay her. EVER! ♥ When you get right down to it, I needed the permission, an opportunity and someone that empowered me to believe I could heal.


em·pow·er  (em-pou-er)

1) To equip or supply with an ability; enable; permit


As I sat in prayer for the upcoming 2012 year, I pondered if our ARIN Affiliates/Advocates were truly aware of the empowering capabilities that our Lord has blessed upon them. Did they grasp how vital their contribution is to the lives of those hurting emotionally and psychologically? 
My life has been altered in unimaginable ways, just because one woman asked if I wanted help. Not if I needed help, but if I wanted it. There is/was a huge difference! 


It's mind boggling sometimes how the Lord meet us, often through the words, outreached hands and loving hearts of others. God may have already chosen you to help those hurting. Or, He may be choosing you for 2012. 

You never know who you may empower!


Each December our Heavenly Father gives me a "word" to help guide me in the coming year. For the first half of 2012, God has given ARIN has a word. Can you guess what it is?

E-M-P-O-W-E-R ! 
He also gave us two goals to accompany the word:
1) Empower ARIN Affiliates and Advocates
2) In turn, Affiliates and Advocates will empower others 


It's been interesting to hear and see what God is laying out for each of us. We're really excited! New membership benefits, enhanced training and educational opportunities, a revised regional based leadership program (Directors of C.A.R.E. - a revision of our previous CARE Team concept), as well as new awareness opportunities and some incredible partnerships with other Christian agencies who are coming alongside to help raise ARIN to the next level. Needless to say, God's been busy!


So, as you're defining your own personal goals for 2012, please ask yourself one question:  Who Will YOU Empower?  Ask God how he might use you?

How can you help ARIN empower our Affiliates? Are you an Advocate that can give financially or offer time or services? Are you an ARIN Affiliate who might be interested in a new leadership role? Maybe, you wish to keep things local and strive to increase your team of Abortion Recovery Leaders. God offers so many opportunities.


For those who may wish to step up their involvement with ARIN and consider taking on a leadership role; a conference call will be hosted in January to further discuss the opportunities. Pray about it and let us know. You can email us here: ARIN Leadership Opportunities. We'll add your name to the conference call contact list.


There are still a few days left to update your ARIN Affiliation through our online application at: JoinARIN.  
Please complete your Affiliation Update by the end of 2011,
so that we may wrap up our Ministry Report for the year.


We greatly appreciate those of you who have already completed the request. Thank you for your time. Further information regarding updating memberships, or joining ARIN for the first time, can be found here: Affiliate Steps to Update or Join


We'd like to wish ALL of you a very blessed New Year and a Glorious 2012.


Divinely Empowered,
Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Don't forget to mark the dates for the SHARE Symposium 2012 ~ July 16-18th in Long Beach, CA.

More information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website. 
ARIN in new colors, long name  

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