720 Seconds...

Certificate of Affiliation with Tier Listed


How many individuals and families have asked for after abortion help from your state or province in the past twelve months? How many countries requested help this past year?


Can you guess how many were "first time visitors" to our "Hits for Help" pages on our website?

Over 300 websites referred to AbortionRecovery.org for after abortion assistance in 2011. Which ones were they?


Our Annual Ministry Update is almost complete. It provides the answers to the above questions, plus quite a few more. (Click here for a Sneak Peak at our Ministry Update). The only thing missing isMinistry Update image 2011 our collaborated Affiliate information.


And here's where we need your help!

Each ARIN Affiliate is asked to take 12 minutes (720 seconds) out of this next week to update their provider information at: JoinARIN.org.


All the information obtained from our affiliates over the next two weeks, will be combined and inserted into our Ministry Update. You'll receive a copy soon thereafter, as will our Advocates and Donors. This collective information will also be used as a foundation for our SHARE Symposium coming in July of 2012.


We've created new "Partnership Tiers" for the coming year January - December 2012. You can preview those Partnership Tiers here. These new tiers, suggested by our affiliates, are more reflective of our membership base currently. Each affiliate may now choose a tier level more applicable to the financial situation of their center/agency and staff numbers respectfully. We hope this helps you, to assist those that are hurting after abortion.


So, please grab yourself a cup of hot apple cider, check out which new tier applies to you and your Abortion Recovery Program / Center and then click through our Affiliate Update / Renewal Application at:  JoinARIN.org. Remember we need this information within the next week!


For those of you not already affiliated with ARIN, you may also complete the Affiliate Application at JoinARIN.org to partner with us for 2012.  We welcome each and everyone of you assisting those who have been impacted emotionally or psychologically after abortion. 


If you are an ARIN Advocate and have been supporting us this past year, we are greatly appreciative of your dedication to helping individuals and families. Please consider ARIN in your end of year giving.


It is a blessing to partner with each of you.


Because of Him,

Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Don't forget to mark the dates for the SHARE Symposium 2012 ~ July 16-18th in Long Beach, CA.

More information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website. 
ARIN in new colors, long name  

Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) is a Christian association of peer and professional counselors

helping to restore lives and relationships after abortion.


         We Are...
  • Encouraging and Extending healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion.
  • Enlightening society on the affects of abortion on individuals and families
  • Educating others through continued education, conferences and specialized training and awareness opportunities.
  • Establishing and Equipping a world-wide association of Abortion Recovery CARE* Centers/Teams united in mission, cohesive in nature and similar in practice.   *Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts


1-866-4-MyRecovery    info@arininc.org 

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