"Leaves You Utterly Speechless"



A few months ago, renowned author Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspective Ministries, called our office to ask if we'd prayerfully consider being listed as a resource for those hurting after an abortion, who might be triggered after viewing the movie "180"!  


We, at ARIN, consider Randy a dear friend and have tapped into his pastoral heart and guidance more than once since we began the ministry. We agreed to review the production.


After being allowed to watch the movie in whole, I have to admit being quite taken back by the content. The movie looked as if it were shot in my home town of Huntington Beach. The pictoral background immediately made me feel as if I were there. The people interviewed were typical of young adults roaming the pier and beach side setting I was so accustomed to. Yet Ray Comfort took an approach that none have yet taken in the pro-life movement. I was left utterly speechless!  "If anything is going to change the direction of our nation (other than the testimonies of post-abortion men and women, this is it," I thought to myself.


The movie, "180" will be released this coming Monday, the 26th of September.  The Abortion Recovery CARE Directory and CARE Line have been listed to help those emotionally and psychologically impacted by a past abortion.  We are encouraging ALL ARIN Affiliates to prepare for a surge in calls coming into your Abortion Recovery Centers/Programs over the next month.




If you are not yet an ARIN Affiliate but have been considering it...  We are offering an end of year special for NEW MEMBERS ONLY!  The last quarter for 2011 is FREE!  

That's right... You can join ARIN as a Recovery, Counseling or Professional Member during the months of October, November and December for FREE! 

We'll then invoice your organization and officially start your membership in January of 2012. Watch for further information coming out in early October. 

Membership structure will be changing a bit in 2012. We'll also update you on those changes in our October eVoice! 





Abortion Recovery InterNational will be at the CareNet Conference next week in Orlando.  Please stop by and visit us in the exhibit hall.  We're excited to be back with the CareNet Team and can't wait to see all of our CareNet/ARIN Affiliates.


While we're finishing up networking in Orlando, our Abortion Recovery Assistance Affiliate (part of Piedmont Women's Center) will be equipping leaders on how to start an abortion recovery program in nearby Lakeland, Florida, October 5th-8th.  If you're interested in their upcoming training, there is still time to sign up. Click here for further info:  Abortion Recovery Assistance Training


Julie Woodley will be launching the Into His Arms Abortion Recovery Program at the American Association of Christian Counselors Conference, also next week, in Nashville. We're sorry we can't be with Julie for this great day... but there are other ARIN Affiliates with her. (Special thanks to that team!)  We, at ARIN, have been so honored to be a part of the Into His Arms production and can't wait to see what God has in store. 


You won't want to miss the upcoming Healing Vision Conference in Milwaukee, October 26th-29th hosted by National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing. This conference brings together those from clinical and pastoral settings in an ecumenical setting. 


Don't forget to check our website for upcoming Conferences and Trainings specifically designed for those providing Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts. The ARIN weblink is here: Upcoming Training


Thank you again for restoring lives and relationships after abortion!

Hope to see next week, wherever you may be!  


President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Don't forget to mark the dates for the SHARE Symposium 2012 ~ July 16-18th in Long Beach, CA.

More information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website. 
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