"Share Your Story" ~ Brochure Challenge...

August has been a truly exciting month! Here's a quick summary... 

Hope and Healing Campaign:


Thanks to ARIN Advocate, Beverly Paddleford and her amazing donation of her "Hope Sculpture"... ARIN was able to host a "Forfeit a Frappuccino for Hope and Healing" campaign. The campaign, asked participants to give up a famous coffee house's frappuccino and instead donate the $5.00 to help provide hope and healing to an individual hurting from abortion. (The famous coffee house is known to fund Planned Parenthood)!  


The campaign drew donations online, through postal mail, and directly from the Mother of Life Conference in San Diego, California where participants were able to see the Hope Sculpture up close and personal. Some individuals decided to forgo their coffee indefinitely and support ARIN instead with a monthly donation of $20.00. How awesome is that! Planned Parenthood loses their income and those hurting can obtain help instead. Thanks to those who are willing to become monthly supporters of ARIN!


Each Hope and Healing donation of $5.00 was labeled with the donors name and email and put into a very large bowl. The winner is, drum roll please...... Linda and Chuck Raymond of Ellisville, Missouri. Congratulations Linda and Chuck. Thank you for your continued support of Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. We'll mail the statue shortly! 


Into His Arms Recovery Program:


Thanks to another amazing donor, ARIN was able to provide support to the In His Arms Abortion Recovery Program being produced by Julie Woodley and the American Association of Christian Counselors. We'll keep you posted on the outcome of this amazing product as it is launched at the September AACC World Conference. There are still sponsorship opportunities available to support this program. Contact us for further information.  


What's up for September?


Lots of awareness opportunities happen in the fall months. Opportunities to reach out to those hurting, opportunities for us to support our affiliates by promoting their recovery groups and opportunities to provide counselors and pregnancy resource centers with products that will encourage healing and hope. 



We continually contact our Affiliates and update their CARE Directory information. Annual affiliation fees are due for most of our affiliates in the Fall.  

Please contact us if your listing on the CARE Directory does not have a current date.  


Stacy Massey (8/10)

...would mean my affiliation expired in August of 2010. If you do not have a date behind your name, or the date is past, you'll need to update your membership or risk removal from the CARE Directory.

Updates and Affiliation renewals can be completed at: Join ARIN


Listing Abortion Recovery Groups:

We are starting to list the dates and times of our Affiliates' Recovery Groups so that networking can occur in local areas and Abortion Recovery Leaders can see when others around them are hosting Recovery opportunities.  Affiliates can email us their information to include their upcoming groups to: info@arininc.org.  You can see a sample of our listings here:  Upcoming Groups.  

Note this is not for clients and will NOT be listed on the CARE Directory. This information will be for affiliates only so that they can build a better network of CARE opportunities in their area.


"Share Your Story" Brochure Challenge... 

We'd like to invite YOU to assist us. We're looking for two things.

(1) We'd like to hear from pregnancy resource centers about the type of "post-abortion" story that might help you and your clients the most (think brochure format that you could hand to a client that comes into your center). Example; does your area provide abortion to late term pregnancies? Do you need a brochure for post-abortion men? Do you have a lot of post-abortion women of color? You get the drift...


(2) Have you been personally effected by abortion (yours or someone you love)? Have you already experienced the abortion recovery process and feel your story would help others? If so, email us your story in 1000 words or less to: info@arininc.org. Stories that match what the pregnancy resource centers need, will have their story made into a brochure for our "Share Your Story" Brochure Series. See more information:  Share Your Story



In closing, I want to thank Beverly again for her sculpture donation. While sharing the sculpture at the Mother of Life Conference, many women and men were brought to tears as they stared at the statue.  Touching it gently, bending down to look Jesus in the eye. Those of us monitoring the exhibit table walked around the table to share a hug, say a prayer and encourage healing opportunities.  Beverly Paddleford, not only gave ARIN the gift, but more importantly gave those individuals and families an insight to the forgiveness and grace of Christ. Jesus touched the hearts of those that asked for help and He will hold their hand through the recovery journey. ARIN is truly blessed to have Beverly, and other advocates like her, committed to helping those hurting. We can't thank you enough!! 


We just can't do it without you!!



President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Don't forget to mark the dates for the SHARE Symposium 2012 ~ July 16-18th in Long Beach, CA.

More information can be found on the SHARE Symposium website. 
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