"We Can't Cope!" ~ Losing A Grown Son to Abortion ~

Each day we receive hundreds of requests for help. Emails flood our in-box, the phone rings off the hook and the "hits for help" area of the CARE Directory website is bombarded. It doesn't matter where the person lives, how old they are, their economic status or what their relationship is to the baby lost! They are hurting from the choice of abortion.        


This message truly touched my heart; as I grappled with the complete inability this grandmother had to save her grandchild or even her grown son.  Take a look...  


July 2011: 


Country: United Kingdom

"I'll never get over it. My son and his girlfriend told us she was pregnant when she was 5 and a half weeks. He was shocked but wanted kids. She made him open a bank account and they looked at prams. I bought presents and set them up in a flat to live together. Two weeks later she decides doesn't want a baby. My son looks like he's in hell we all feel like we are too. She's 26, has a good job and would have maternity pay and support from my husband and I. But no... she kept saying to my son... she didn't want it. She hardly spoke to him and didn't speak to us. We haven't seen her since we gave her the gifts. My son begged and begged her to have the baby. Then on January 3rd she told him things would work out. He was really happy! The next day she aborted at 14 weeks. She's not finished!  Six weeks later he's back with her after she sent txts and e-mails begging for him to come back. He didn't want to lose his child but had the decency to pick her up from the hospital when he found out she'd had the abortion. We can't cope! We wish we could just get over it,but our life seems ruined. She doesn't want or need our family as long as hers are ok with her. Yet she never told them. We think we'll lose our son eventually as if he stays with her. She won't visit us. We think because we know about the abortion.


My son is 23... and although he's a grown young man... my motherly instinct would be to do the same as the woman who's message is typed above... "save my grandchild, save my son"! It's that same instinct that is sometimes lost when a woman struggles with an unplanned pregnancy. 


Our Heavenly Father leads these hurting women, men and families to Abortion Recovery InterNational and guides us in matching them up with an Abortion Recovery Consultant/ Professional in their area. He Divinely ministers to them through an abortion recovery support group... with the end result being a more personal connection with Him, the validation and naming of the child lost and restored lives and relationships for the family.

God knows this is a team effort. He knows our Affiliates need Him. He knows our ministry needs YOU! 


As we proceed into the second half of 2011, we send our heartfelt thanks for the continued support and dedication we receive from each of you. We pray that over the next 5 months, that you will spend some time in prayer for the families hurting from abortion (like our UK message we've shared). 


We hope that you will consider helping us, help them! 
  • If you know of an Abortion Recovery Center/Program not affiliated with ARIN, we'd love to have you refer us to them. Expanding our affilate base is necessary as our calls and emails increase from those hurting. You can see our newest Affiliates and our benefits of membership on our ARIN website.
  • Encourage those in your area to sign up for our SHARE Symposium. The Symposium is scheduled for summer 2012. It is a great opportunity to learn more about abortion recovery efforts, fine-tune your skills if you're just starting your abortion recovery program, or reach out and expand your program if you're a more seasoned abortion recovery leader. Visit the Symposium website, see our venue, tentative topics and think about spending some time with us on the west coast ~ July 2012! We're going to have a fabulous time!    
  • If you are interested in being a Symposium Speaker, there's a link on the website to share your interest.  We encourage you to do so!    
  • Prayers, of course, are always needed... as we are often a target of those not wishing individuals and families to heal from the pain of abortion!     
  • If you are able to volunteer your time or donate a small bit of treasure , we appreciate that as well. We are looking for donations to help underwrite some of the Symposium costs. 


May your summer days be enjoyed with families and friends... 


Thank you for your continued support of Abortion Recovery InterNational.

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